Returning from a Major Cycling Accident

On April 2nd of 2011, I was racing the criterium stage of a regional stage race in The Dalles, Oregon. It was a nighttime criterium, and I was feeling positive about my chances of achieving my goal of winning the race. I had won all the primes with ease and was feeling strong. As I attacked into the last corner of the final lap, my pedal struck the pavement, taking me out.

Q & A Coach Forum: Running with a Weighted Vest

“Hey guys, read your articles in ROAD Magazine… nice. I was wondering what you thought of running up stadium stairs with a weight vest on during the winter to build strength in lieu of weight lifting. I lifted for about 12 years and after finding cycling went back for two winters on the weights and really found no benefit.

Preparing to Improve Your Descending on the Bicycle

This is a pretty straightforward exercise that can be done in front of your computer, laptop, or smaller device. It’s most effective if you can pay uninterrupted attention to the screen and sounds, so if possible find a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Q & A Coach Forum: Why Have I Stopped Making Progress on the Bike?

Hello, I have stopped making progress despite a regular and highly structured training program supervised by a very well regarded coach. At first (after the first 3-4 months) I made huge progress, now a year and a half later, I am at the same place that I was after the first 4 months, despite increased work load.

Composing for the Bicycle – Achieving a Relaxed State Before Riding
This article isn’t about writing music directly; I’m referring to composing oneself for optimal calmness, balance and efficiency when riding a bike.

“You Go Where You Look” – Visual Skills for Cyclists

One path to better bike handling skills starts with your eyeballs. Whether you want to learn to negotiate technical sections and punchy climbs on the mountain bike or have more confidence and control through corners and descents on the road, visual skills are key.

“You go where you look.

Gluteal Stretches for Hip Flexibility

Looking to add some effective stretches to your routine? Stretching the gluteal muscle complex allows for greater flexibility of the hip area, a common area of soreness and tightness for cyclist and runners. This progression of stretches is a fluid and easy one that you can include consistently in your stretching routine.

Learning to Race Cyclocross – A First Person Perspective

Though cyclocross racing may seem far off in the calendar from April, it will be upon us soon enough! As a beginner, taking that first step to learn cyclocross skills and try a race can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out this first-person perspective from the host of the show Outside Explorer in the accompanying video as she goes through a cyclocross clinic with Wenzel Coach Sue B

What It Really Means to Be a Professional Cyclist

What does it mean to be a professional cyclist?  From the outside it may seem simple: you ride your bike well and get paid to do it. But being truly professional is much more than just pedaling. A professional bike racer may not always meet all of these standards below, but the guidelines help things flow smoothly with teams and life.
Being professional is…

The Fine Art of Self Talk in Cycling Performance

This week I took part in a bike race that didn’t go quite how I wanted. I didn’t win, felt I could have done better, and although I finished reasonably well, I was left with some ‘what ifs,’ which have been the fuel for my recent rumination.
It’s a peculiar thing, to finish an event and experience achievement and satisfaction tempered by frustration and disappointment.