Does Your Coach Make You Angry?

Most people are averse to change. That is, in part, why so many people knowingly continue unhealthy habits. Rare is the person who likes to hear that he or she is making self-defeating choices and needs to think or act differently. Change means confronting the unknown. It brings anxiety. Knowing that a coach will suggest changes is enough to stop some riders from even seeking coaching.

What It’s Like to Do Your First Cyclocross Race

Though we first posted this video earlier this year shortly after it premiered Outside Explorer, now is a great time to revisit it as many cyclists take that first step and consider entering their first cyclocross race!
A cyclocross race can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Hip Flexor and Low Back Stretches for Cycling

The positions and movements of cycling stress certain muscle groups, which can create muscular imbalances and dysfunction. The hip flexors (iliacus and psoas, sometimes together called iliopsoas) are muscles responsible for pulling the thigh towards the abdomen and are used for both core stability and power production.

Do You Need a Cycling Coach? — A Testimonial for Coaching

We always welcome testimonials and honest feedback from our clients, and we often post them on our coach profile pages. Sometimes a review is just so helpful and thought provoking that we like to share the whole thing as a blog posting. This testimonial from client Mark Vojtko is one of those special ones. If you have been considering getting a coach, you may relate to Mark’s experience. Read on..

Returning from a Major Cycling Accident

On April 2nd of 2011, I was racing the criterium stage of a regional stage race in The Dalles, Oregon. It was a nighttime criterium, and I was feeling positive about my chances of achieving my goal of winning the race. I had won all the primes with ease and was feeling strong. As I attacked into the last corner of the final lap, my pedal struck the pavement, taking me out.

Q & A Coach Forum: Running with a Weighted Vest

“Hey guys, read your articles in ROAD Magazine… nice. I was wondering what you thought of running up stadium stairs with a weight vest on during the winter to build strength in lieu of weight lifting. I lifted for about 12 years and after finding cycling went back for two winters on the weights and really found no benefit.

Preparing to Improve Your Descending on the Bicycle

This is a pretty straightforward exercise that can be done in front of your computer, laptop, or smaller device. It’s most effective if you can pay uninterrupted attention to the screen and sounds, so if possible find a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Q & A Coach Forum: Why Have I Stopped Making Progress on the Bike?

Hello, I have stopped making progress despite a regular and highly structured training program supervised by a very well regarded coach. At first (after the first 3-4 months) I made huge progress, now a year and a half later, I am at the same place that I was after the first 4 months, despite increased work load.

Composing for the Bicycle – Achieving a Relaxed State Before Riding
This article isn’t about writing music directly; I’m referring to composing oneself for optimal calmness, balance and efficiency when riding a bike.

“You Go Where You Look” – Visual Skills for Cyclists

One path to better bike handling skills starts with your eyeballs. Whether you want to learn to negotiate technical sections and punchy climbs on the mountain bike or have more confidence and control through corners and descents on the road, visual skills are key.

“You go where you look.