Learning to Race Cyclocross – A First Person Perspective

Though cyclocross racing may seem far off in the calendar from April, it will be upon us soon enough! As a beginner, taking that first step to learn cyclocross skills and try a race can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out this first-person perspective from the host of the show Outside Explorer in the accompanying video as she goes through a cyclocross clinic with Wenzel Coach Sue B

What It Really Means to Be a Professional Cyclist

What does it mean to be a professional cyclist?  From the outside it may seem simple: you ride your bike well and get paid to do it. But being truly professional is much more than just pedaling. A professional bike racer may not always meet all of these standards below, but the guidelines help things flow smoothly with teams and life.
Being professional is…

The Fine Art of Self Talk in Cycling Performance

This week I took part in a bike race that didn’t go quite how I wanted. I didn’t win, felt I could have done better, and although I finished reasonably well, I was left with some ‘what ifs,’ which have been the fuel for my recent rumination.
It’s a peculiar thing, to finish an event and experience achievement and satisfaction tempered by frustration and disappointment.

Peeing in the Peloton – Tips for when you have to “go” in a bike race

Originally published in Velonews. Updated for 2014.

Having to pee during or around a bike race is one of those bothersome yet necessary tasks that likely won’t improve performance, but can ruin it if you don’t address it properly. One year at a popular opening season race in Central California, the line for the porta-potties was five times longer than the registration line.

Diet Soda Makes People Fat. Here’s Why.

Here’s an interesting bit of science. There are taste receptors that are sensitive to “sweet” substances in the intestine ( They are similar to the ones on your tongue. When the intestinal receptors interact with sugar in consumed foods, they trigger a release of insulin from the pancreas.

Q & A Coach Forum: Ask Your Training Question Here

Got an issue you can’t seem to resolve on your own? Wenzel Coaching offers responses to training, nutrition, strategy and mental skills questions submitted below. We don’t promise to answer every question, but if the answer to your question is likely to be interesting or useful to a lot of people, we’ll publish it.

I Think I Can, I Know I Can – Using a Major Setback as Inspiration to Bounce Back

“I think I can, I know I can”  
   - a personal story and reflection of overcoming obstacles and being safe by Coach Kori Seehafer

Some of the best educational experiences occur during major setbacks. The biggest lessons come when the light at the end of the tunnel is a mere speck — but one way or another we persevere, focus on that light, and come out in the bright sun.

Defining a Meal vs a Snack

As you continually optimize your fueling needs for performance and daily energy demands, chances are that your main meals just aren’t going to be enough to get you through the day happily and productively. That’s where snacks come in.
Let’s define a meal versus a snack.  A snack should be small, and less than 200 Kcals.

Practice Makes Perfect? Practicing good athlete habits and avoiding bad ones

There is a widely quoted old adage that says that practice makes perfect, and like most old adages, especially when applied to bike racing, this one is a gross oversimplification. What practice really does is make habits. Practiced habits become stronger habits, easier to do again and harder to break. Practice doing something well, and you become better at it.

Tips for Weight Loss Success

Performance in most sports depends on getting your body weight into an optimum range. While some athletes need to gain weight to get to that range, the need for weight loss is much more common. Weight loss success for athletes can be positively affected by simple and even small changes.