Month: May 2009

Attention All Athletes! Making the most of your coach consultation time during your competitive season

While many athletes contact their coaches to share their competitive successes or talk over improvement strategies after any less-than-stellar performances, some athletes seemingly go silent with their coaches as the race season comes to a peak. If you find yourself

Remotivating when you’ve fallen behind in your goals

By Patrick Wilder, LCSW Q: I was on a good pattern of training, eating and resting about a month ago, but work and personal pressures have knocked me off the wagon. It seems I’m on a downward spiral of frustration

Another Way to Get Paid to Ride


When I was racing regularly in my 20s and early 30s most of my teammates and I were training our butts off in hopes of turning pro. We dreamt of being paid to ride. I was pretty good, but never

Can You Get Paid to Ride? What It Takes to Turn Pro

In the recent Amgen Tour of California, fans got to see not only some of the fastest riders in the world but also many of the best paid. Some of the division three riders are riding for a free bike

Zen and the Art of Bike Racing – Relax, Focus and Enjoy the Contradictions

By Head Coach Scott Saifer This article was originally published in ROAD Magazine in May 2009. What takes place… is believed in only after it has been accomplished. There will be great progress and success. Advantage will come from being