Month: June 2013

Sports Psychology Q & A: Finding Focus on Race Day

Q: I find in races that my mind wanders. I’m right in the race one moment, and then the next I’m worrying about work tomorrow or thinking about something else, and by the time my head is back in the

Best Season Yet – Incremental Changes to Training Yield Improved Results

How’d you like to have your best season yet? I promise it won’t be hard, unless you’ve recently won a Grand Tour. If you have, I’m proud to count you as a reader, but won’t promise to improve your performance.

Tips for Becoming a Bike Racer – Making the Transition from Rider to Racer

If you have been riding for a while and enjoy going fast or sprinting with your buddies for landmarks or racing to the tops of climbs, a race may be in your future. Here are some tips for making a