Month: November 2013

The Art of the Slide – Getting the Most Out of Skidding on a Mountain Bike

Looking for a fun way to build your bike handling skills and improve your balance?  Try skidding.  I’m not talking about the stuff we did as kids on our BMX bikes, I’m talking about purposely finding the limits of traction

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5 Steps to Get Started in Cyclocross

Cyclocross (or ‘cross, or even just CX) has been around for over a hundred years, and it has long been a popular Fall and Winter sport in Europe.  Though cross has had loyal followers in the US for years, its

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Eight Qualities of a Good Coach


A knowledgeable coach can be a great asset for any athlete, but in order for you to get the true value of the coaching relationship, your coach needs to be a good communicator and respect the client/coach business service relationship.

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