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Healthy Weight Loss Part I: Shedding Fat to Make Race Weight

For a cyclist, appropriate weight is just as important as aerobic fitness, strength and skills. However, many riders under-perform in hilly races because they carry too much body mass. They hope to ride off their excess weight in time for

2016 Holiday Eating Survival Guide for Athletes

When fitness goals are only one of your many priorities, social eating around the holidays can be a challenge to your ideal training and athletic body weight. Having well-defined, motivating goals can help avoid excess and junk food, but even with

It’s Okay to Make a New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

So many people approach the New Year with diet resolutions that it often becomes a joke, with the long-term fitness crowd viewing their gyms and classes full of “resolutioners” as a temporary annoyance before those folks give up on their

Discipline: Good and Bad Habits and Why We Mess Up

It’s 9 p.m. on Friday. Mary got home from a long workweek several hours ago, had a quick dinner and showered. She’s ready for bed. She’s also excited about a club ride she’ll be attending for the first time early

Diet Soda Makes People Fat. Here’s Why.

Here’s an interesting bit of science. There are taste receptors that are sensitive to “sweet” substances in the intestine ( They are similar to the ones on your tongue. When the intestinal receptors interact with sugar in consumed foods, they

Defining a Meal vs a Snack

As you continually optimize your fueling needs for performance and daily energy demands, chances are that your main meals just aren’t going to be enough to get you through the day happily and productively. That’s where snacks come in. Let’s

Tips for Weight Loss Success

Performance in most sports depends on getting your body weight into an optimum range. While some athletes need to gain weight to get to that range, the need for weight loss is much more common. Weight loss success for athletes

Understanding the Rate of Weight Loss for Athletes

Question: What is reasonable weight loss within an active racing season where a rider is racing 1-2 times per weekend? Answer:  If you are within 15 pounds of your target weight, aim for consistent weight loss of about ½-1 pound per

Four Fueling Plans for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes have four fueling regimens, each necessary for success and each appropriate for a certain time in the yearly and weekly training cycles. The Main Fueling plan, eaten on a daily basis in the off-season, and all the time

Hey Coach, How Can I Climb Faster?

The fastest climbers may not always be the fastest Granfondo riders or the winningest racers, but climbing speed is an honest measure of fitness. You don’t make a good time on a long climb by sucking wheels or otherwise taking

Post-Ride Recovery

Over the years, watching hundreds of athletes train, it’s become clear that for most, the limiter for performance is how much training they can handle. The upper limit is not based purely on how many hours they have available to

Surviving the Hotter ‘n Hell

By Jim Argabright There are a number of American “classics” in cycling that have gained near cult status and become a “must ride” for any amateur cyclist worthy of their salt. One of these classics is the “Hotter ‘n Hell

Tip: Choosing Your Exercise Drink

Research clearly shows that drinking fluids during extended exercise sessions improves performance, and that taking on calories during exercise enhances endurance in events lasting more than an hour. The research comparing different exercise drinks shows that if you like your

Should I Eat Gluten Free?

by Heather D’Eliso Gordon, CSSD Question: A teammate of mine was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. She has been eating a gluten-free diet for about a month and is riding much stronger during her training rides and races. Would you

Nutrition Q & A Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin. Do I need to supplement?

Question: I’ve heard a lot lately about the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiencies and the need to take supplements. Should I be taking Vitamin D? As an athlete, is there any harm to being deficient or any positive benefits in having