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Healthy Weight Loss Part II: Shedding Excess Muscle to Make Race Weight

Keith has great aerobic power. He can ride a flat 40-kilometer time trial in less than 56 minutes, making him quite competitive in his master’s category. He’s been training an average of 12 hours per week on a periodized plan

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The Basics of Training and Competing at Altitude

A road leads up to a mountain.

Tips for Altitude Training and Racing Preparing for an event or racing an event at altitude can be intimidating to the sea level athlete. Fortunately, the science is quite definitive on the tactics for the best chances of success in

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Your 2017 Season Starts Today!  With…Resting?

An athlete rests with her legs up on a chair.

That’s right.  You’re going over your season in your mind, reviewing all those spots where if you’d just been a little stronger, a little faster…if you’d had just a tiny bit more endurance it would have made all the difference.

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Understanding Fitness Peaks and Troughs

Peaking is a cyclist’s nirvana. If training has gone well, you are strong on the bike, riding fast with little effort, recovering quickly enough to attack several times in a race or race several days per week and your head

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See You Next Year? Knowing When to Stop Racing

The end of the road-racing season has arrived. Even the most serious roadies are relaxing, having the annual beer, and taking a few easy weeks before resuming training. In the coming months, they will connect with teams and coaches as

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Ready for the First Races of the Year?: How to know and why not to race too soon

This article is for people who haven’t trained as well as they might have for the new season. It is also for anyone with underprepared friends. Good friends won’t encourage the undertrained to race or do hard club rides. Read

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Upstart Wins Nationals: How Did Jade get so good so fast?


On May 25, 2013, Jade Wilcoxson was crowned National Champion at the USA Cycling Pro Road Race in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has been racing only five years altogether, and only two years as a pro. That’s a pretty quick trip

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The Big Picture: Today’s Performance Reflects Years of Diet and Training


In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.- Johann Wolfgang von Goeth Several years ago, the training blogosphere was atwitter with posts from

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Mark Your Calendar – Planning for Performance


Aspiring elite bike racers must prepare for success over several years. Elite-level performance requires numerous specific skills and aspects of fitness, each of which takes time to develop. Some, such as aerobic power or descending skills, will develop gradually over

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Peaking – Reaching Your Competitive Best

A peak is a period within a racing season when a rider is at his or her competitive best. Most serious riders plan to do many races during a season, but have a few particular races or periods of racing

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Coach Toolbox: When an Athlete Reaches a Performance Plateau

Wenzel Coaching works to help our athletes and coaches find the best resources for their overall fitness and competitive games, no matter their level. This month we feature mental skills expert and therapist Melinda Halpern of Grit Performance as she

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Keys to a Successful Training Program and Coach Relationship

Many factors will affect the effectiveness of your relationship with your coach and your success in reaching your fitness goals. While natural talent and the training itself play important roles in athletic success, many other details can impact how your

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Winning – It Could Happen to You

Many riders enter races for which they are not suited. Skinny little climbers enter flat crits with huge fields. Big-muscled sprinters enter hilly road races. For the most part the results are as expected. One needs powerful legs to win

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Season Planning – “Okay Go, Adam Sadowsky, and the Yearly Training Plan”

By Sean Scott You may have heard of the immensely popular music video This Too Shall Pass, which has had nearly 24 million hits on YouTube. Believe it or not, the creation of this video by the group Okay Go

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How Much Recovery Is Enough In the Rest Period?

All Wenzel cycling and triathlon programs include annual extended recovery periods, usually about a month in length, though cross racers might break the month into two chunks, one before training for cross and one before training for road or MTB.

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