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Strength Exercise Instruction: Seated Leg Press

Front view of an athlete doing the seated leg press exercise

The leg press in Wenzel Coaching lifting routines strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower body. Muscles that are activated include the gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. The lower reps and higher weight are intended to work on

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Strength Exercise Instruction: Partial Squat

An athlete demonstrates the lower position of the partial squat.

The partial squat that Wenzel Coaching includes in its lifting routine is intended to strengthen muscles and ligaments and improve flexibility in the lower body —particularly the hamstring, quadriceps and gluteus maximus muscles. Cyclists tend to have underdeveloped hamstrings and overdeveloped

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Core Strength for Cycling

Core strength is the tie that links the arms stabilizing the handlebars with the power going into the pedals on the bike. When your core is strong, both everyday and dynamic movements feel more natural and empowered. The exercises in

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