Clinics & Camps

Learn Training & Skills in a High Coach-to-Student Ratio Environment

Wenzel Coaching offers clinics throughout the year for all levels of riders, triathletes, and runners. Learn pack riding skills on the road, learn dismounts remounts on the CX bike or dial in your pacing for your triathlon. We've likely got a clinic coming up that will improve your skills and approach.

Want a camp, clinic, seminar, or other experience created just for your club or organization? Wenzel Coaching can arrange everything from coaches and curriculum to location, food, and lodging. Contact us for info and ideas!



"I wanted to let you know that I did the Het Meer race on Sunday and took 13th out of 40 racers in the Beginner Men's category. Way better result than I was hoping for! I have a lot to learn, but I generally felt like I knew what I was doing out there... and the instruction I got from you was the real game-changer for me." ~ Dan

"Gabe is proud of how he raced yesterday. Your CX clinic made a huge and positive difference." ~ Mike

"Thanks again Meredith and Ron for making today's clinic a big success! I've heard back from several of the ladies today and they're all in agreement about the "pearls" they picked up from you both while ascending/descending on our favorite play ground. I compliment you both on your ability to teach to a variety of levels, all of whom came away feeling like today's clinic was intimate and personalized. Even the most timid gained new confidence and felt secure. I (we) really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work with us!" ~ Kelli Rantz

"The clinic was great but the main point is: did I learn anything and I am using it today? The answer is yes, very much so...You were absolutely correct in that proper corning will improve time trials....On descents on my road bike, I am more confident in the turns / switchbacks and feel like the tires are solidly under me. I understood the theory of how to counter-steer and turn the bike, but the practice and instruction were of great benefit." ~ Rich A.

"I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting a great clinic yesterday. I had a great time and most importantly I came away with a newfound knowledge/confidence for riding on the road. The cornering drills and techniques we practiced were very helpful with helping me understand the concept of going into a corner and pedaling through. Also "asserting" yourself to move up through a pack and grab someone's wheel was a valuable skill to learn. I had never thought or heard of that concept and how to execute it until yesterday, and the actual exercise of it with the other riders was really helpful because I got a good grasp of what it feels like while riding closely with others. All 3 coaches had something to contribute, and yet you guys had something useful and different to say about a certain technique which is good to hear for a beginner like myself... I'm already recommending it to my friends. " ~ Joseph

"Thanks for a great clinic today - I took a lot of new found confidence away with me. More specifically, I really feel like I just met my bike for the first time and feel extremely comfortable cornering the thing. Too, I'm far less stiff in a pack - I can already tell. Today's drills were super beneficial and you guys are clearly very knowledgeable about the sport, so I appreciate you passing that along." ~ Ben G.

"Thank you again for a GREAT clinic this weekend – it was the first one I’ve ever attended, and I felt it was well worth it! Enjoyed it very much, and learned a lot. I came away with new motivation and excitement for coming year. Thank you! You are an inspiration. Thank you," ~ Bonnie T.

"Thanks again for a great clinic! I learned so much, had a great time, came away feeling even more jazzed about riding, and met some really nice women. I am sure I will see you again in the very near future..." ~ Kathryn