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Eric Sterner

Coach // San Anselmo, CA

Focus: Cycling, Motorsports

Events: Motorcycle Racing, Road Racing, Mountain Bike Racing, Endurance Mountain Bike Racing, Cyclocross, Motorcycle Racing

Specialties: Motorcycle Racing Fitness, Road Skills, Dirt Skills, Beginning Racing, Working Athletes, Beginning Riding, Master Athletes, Beginning Riding, General Fitness

Services: Training Programs, Consultation, Clinics/Camps, Skills Training

Client Levels Accepted: Individual, Semicustom, Custom, Consultation

Availability: Accepting new clients

About Eric

Coach Eric Sterner of San Anselmo, California got his first taste of racing in the early 1980s on a BMX bicycle with the ABA in New Jersey. Those early races sparked a lifelong passion for competition that has grown to include mountain biking, cyclocross, road bikes, and motorsports. Now a USAC licensed coach, Eric has seen his passion for racing carry over to helping athletes achieve their goals.

From bicycle racing to motorsports, Eric’s approach is the same: He helps clients by breaking down the issues to their basic components and building solutions from there. He’s versed in using heart rate and power meters for training but recognizes the importance of the human element in competition. Eric’s diversity of experiences gives him a unique perspective on the demands of various forms of racing. First and foremost he realizes that racing is an endeavor that encompasses the athlete’s life both on and off the bike.

The importance of the off-bike component of race preparation became most apparent to Eric while racing motorcycles with the AFM. As a privateer racer he had to learn how to maintain the motorcycle, train and practice for race weekends, adhere to a budget, develop a schedule for the year as well as for race weekends, balance the demands of a career and most importantly, be the racer. The knowledge base Eric developed from years of racing bicycles was invaluable in his development as a motorcycle racer. From the club level all the way up to MotoGP, racers are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage and Eric eagerly applies his knowledge to help his clients succeed as motorsports competitors.

Eric’s addiction to speed doesn’t just pertain to racing a motorcycle. Having raced downhill mountain bikes all over California including various national events and multiple trips to Whistler, he knows the impact bike handling skills can have on the success of a racer no matter what the discipline. As a cyclocross racer he sees the importance of building a solid fitness foundation and how equipment can play a vital role in the outcome of a race. He’s versed in the tactics and strategy of road racing. And as a coach who’s worked with junior to master level athletes of various abilities he realizes the importance of developing an approach to training as unique as the individual.

While Eric’s main passion these days is racing motorcycles and helping athletes achieve their goals, he still enjoys racing and riding bicycles as much as he can. Working as a professional video game artist can be quite demanding, however he’s always found time for the important things in life. Having lived on the East Coast and Hawaii he now considers northern California home. There he loves spending time with his beautiful girlfriend and the pets they share. When he gets a bit of vacation you can find him engaging in another of his lifelong passions, surfing.


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