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Phil Timothee

Coach / El Dorado Hills, California

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Philippe ‘you can call me Phil’ Timothee was born in Paris and grew up on the French island of Corsica. (You may remember that the 100th Anniversary Tour de France started there in 2013.) As a teenager, Phil played numerous team sports, mostly soccer (AKA ‘football’) and rugby at competitive level. He also spent much time, including school time when the weather called for it, windsurfing. In those years, you could not have made him run unless it was after a ball. Things changed with years passing and he discovered triathlon while living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 2005. His first race was enough to get him hooked, and he coached himself from Sprint distance to Olympic and Half Ironman distances, and finally to a full Ironman in Cozumel in 2011. For fun he has sprinkled his training with half and full marathons, trail ultras, XTERRA, and open water swims.

Phil is a certified Ironman Coach. In his coaching he avoids the word “workout,” because in “workout” there is “work,” and Phil believes we have enough of that from 8 to 5-ish. Phil trains and competes for fun first and likes helping others who share that attitude. Recognizing the importance of performance goals, he aims to help his athletes have fun during training and races by carefully matching challenges to abilities. This is essential because fun is the key for wanting to do it again and more.

Phil believes that the time in the pool, on your favorite bike(s), or on early morning runs are chances to disconnect from work and other life hurdles and just enjoy going for it and pushing yourself, perhaps with some pain that is good pain because it is a pain that you chose to have.

Phil wants to take you to the finish line with a smile, proud of what you just accomplished. Under Phil’s guidance you will finish knowing that you gave your all, that you executed your plan as you wanted, and that you accounted for any unexpected circumstances without being thrown off your game because you were relaxed and prepared even for the crazy stuff, like a bird hitting your bike helmet. (Don’t laugh! It happened to him at 45mph down Monitor Pass during the Death Ride in 2014).

Phil’s goal is to help people be happy while swimming, riding or running, and to achieve their goals but also be in such good shape and spirit that they will be able to return to the pool, to ride or to run as soon as possible.

Phil works with athletes preparing for all triathlon distances, with a preference for half and full Ironman, running trail or road and swimming. He has also started a participative yoga group in his community.

He began his professional life near Bordeaux and Paris, where he stayed until 1996 when he leaped across the Atlantic to start working in Toronto, Canada before moving to Philadelphia on the 4th of July, 1997. Lots of moves later, from Philly to Cupertino to Brazil to Montreal back to Cupertino, Phil settled in El Dorado Hills, near Sacramento, California where he now resides with his wife, Erica and their two boys.

Events: First-Time Tri, Ironman Triathlon, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon, XTERRA Triathlon

Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Skills Training, Training Programs

Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, General Fitness, Master Athletes, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Working Athletes

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