Mountain Bike Clinic: Improving Your Ride Through Fitness & Nutrition

What: Improving Your Ride Through Fitness & Nutrition Clinic

  • Includes a short screening to show which muscles may lack stability
  • Includes a sample of corrective exercises to work on to help build your foundation an improve your ride

When: February 25th, 2014, Tuesday @ 6:00-7:30 pm.  Limited to 20 spots.

Where Western Bikeworks Map>>>

Cost: $20

Register: Link to for online registration

Contact: Contact David Hart directly at [email protected] or (360)241-8463


You ride all year long, you hit the gym in the off season to lift and stretch to get strong, and you eat right, well, maybe most of the time. When you show up to the start line or head out with friends for an epic day of trail riding, you find you are just not doing as well as you think you should be. Maybe it’s the strength training as your legs and back hurt or are sore for days. The quads are tight and that knee pain seems to show up at the worst time. You might be training muscles which really don’t need to be strong and ignoring other muscles which would actually help you become a better balanced athlete. You may start out fast but then find yourself running out of gas. The gut cramps up maybe the legs do too. Maybe the diet could use improvements.

Learn how your current fitness and nutrition on and around the mountain bike can be improved and you can become a better athlete. Learn why core stability, flexibility, mobility, and coordination are so important to you and your sport. Find out why the gym routine you found in your favorite cycling magazine or on the internet might not be working for you. David Hart of Wenzel Coaching will offer coaching advice and answer your questions to help you succeed at your event.

This information will help the novice and on up. Experienced riders may find ways to break training patterns that haven’t been working for them for years.

In addition to learning how to improve your ride, I will do a short screening to show which muscles lack tability (weakness). You will receive a few corrective exercises to work on so you will see how important it is to build a good foundation with stability to improve your ride.



  • Options for ‘off the bike’ training.
  • Correct exercise techniques to increase strength.
  • How long and often strength training should be done.
  • Hit the gym versus at home exercises.
  • How flexibility plays a role in my riding. Not enough or too much?
  • Which foods for short races, long races, and all day rides.
  • How food affects my race or other events.

Coach David Hart holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fitness Training, is a Certified Trainer through NSCA-CPT (National Strength & Conditioning Association), is also a YogaFit Instructor.

Café drinks provided by Western Bikeworks with pastries available for purchase.

If you are registered but unable to make it to the event, please let me know so someone else can attend.