World Class Cyclocross Coaching for Any Level

Head Coach Todd Hunter demonstrates a cyclocross dismount.Wenzel cyclocross coaches have helped clients from their first ‘cross experience to World Championship medals. Your coach will help you conquer what may be holding you back! We’ll plan your season, work with you on the strengths and areas needing improvement and help you analyze your racing.

  • Cornering
  • Dismounts & Remounts
  • Run-ups
  • Conquering sand & mud
  • Optimal climbing and descending
  • Starts
  • Optimizing cadence

You can focus on cyclocross as your only season, your peak season, or just a part of your fall and winter training. All cyclocross racing programs outline day-by-day what to do to reach your potential. Suggested minimum and maximum ride times to allow you to make the most of your training time – and in many cases, make the most of limited daylight hours.

CX Program Details

All cyclocross training programs combine ‘cross and road training including endurance rides, interval training, racing as training and specific skill training, including cornering technique, climbing, descending, dismounts, run-ups, remounts, starts, sprinting, spinning and big-gear training in addition to other exercises. Cyclocross lessons and clinics are also available. Please see the clinic page for more details.

All monthly Wenzel Coaching cyclocross programs include at least 60 minutes of open consultation time.

Cyclocross programs are offered at the following levels:

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