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Whether you are a new road racer, a master weekend warrior, a developing elite, or a pro cyclist, Wenzel Coaching has a road racing coach with the experience and knowledge to help you reach your potential. Your coach and program will help you develop and refine your strengths and improve areas of weakness by analyzing your racing performances and assigning workouts to specifically work on those aspects of racing.

All programs include flexibility in ride lengths so that you can best fit the program to your personal schedule demands.

While most of our road coaches coach all aspects of road racing, many also specialize in time trialing, criteriums, stage races, or hill-climbs. If you have a road event specialty, be sure to search our coach profiles for a match.

Your program is based on the time you have available to train and will include exercises focusing on speed, power, endurance and strength. Specific training can also include basics such as cadence changes and optimization, sprinting and climbing form and other exercises or skills such as cornering or tactics. The off-season program includes strength through gym weight training or on-bike-strength, or a combination of both, and allows for cross training, including mountain biking and cyclocross in addition to other cross training arranged by you and your coach.

All monthly Wenzel Coaching programs include at least 60 minutes of open consultation time each month to accompany the written program where you can provide feedback and discuss tactics, schedule changes, nutrition, specific workout instruction and anything else that will best direct you in your training. Your road coach is your second objective brain with the foresight and experience to tell you when to push through and when to back off.

Road Racing programs for cycling are offered at the following levels:

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