Frequently Asked Questions

How do Wenzel Coaching programs work?

Wenzel Coaching offers both training programs as well as skill sessions and clinics. Training programs are offered month to month or by consultation by the hour. Skills and learn to ride lessons are generally offered by the hour or by lesson package.

We offer training and performance advice to all levels of cyclists and triathletes and other endurance athletes. Each athlete works with their personal coach to set their goals, optimize their training plan and carry out the training with consistent feedback. Athletes on our various levels of programs (Individual level, Custom level, Elite Custom level) each receive a written program outlining daily the training aimed at different aspects of their fitness, including strength, endurance, power, speed, etc. Each program includes 1-3 hours of consultation time each month, depending on program level, where the athlete can give feedback, talk over training issues, request schedule changes and talk over any aspect of their program such as nutrition, tactics, recovery or mental skills. Inquire about a coach for me.

How much do Wenzel Coaching programs cost?

Wenzel Coaching offers training programs from $99 – $350 per month that include training and consultation as well as stand-alone hourly consultation from $80-$120 per hour. Program pricing depends on the level of program and coach level. See more about our program pricing here.

How do I find a Wenzel Coach that’s right for me?

We encourage anyone shopping for a coach to check coach profiles as well as interview any potential coach they are considering. Once you’ve searched our Coach Profiles, your are free to choose an available coach within the program level and budget that you’ve selected or you can request a coach match suggestion. Our Coach Placement Advisor or Head Coach Kendra Wenzel will personally make coach suggestions for you based on your events, home area, training and events location, and individual needs. We work to match athletes with coaches that best complement their working styles and personalities. Wenzel Coaching clients can be confident that their selected coach is well versed in the event that they are training for. All Wenzel Coaches have gone through a three-part interview process, reference check, vetting, and ongoing training by Head Coaches and partners Scott Saifer and Kendra Wenzel

Is this strictly online coaching?

Absolutely not! Regular phone and face-to-face contact as well as arranged training sessions are a possibility for those athletes within local distance of their coach. We work to make Wenzel Coaching programs as personable as possible. The coach/athlete relationship can work strictly over the ‘Net if that’s the way the client prefers. Check with any potential coach to discuss your communication and interaction preferences.

How much contact will I have with my coach?

All Wenzel Coaching programs include a minimum of 60 minutes of consultation time or more, depending on the program level. This consultation time can be phone, email or in-person when possible. Contact with your coach by phone, email and in person is encouraged. Keep in regular contact to ask questions and provide feedback about how the training is going. Your coach expects to hear from you! Most Wenzel coaches keep office hours or are available regularly by cell phone or email. “In person” consultation time is part of the Wenzel Coaching difference. While some coaches may look impressive by offering a large amount of consultation time that you’ll never completely use, Wenzel Coaching consultation time is available in person face to face when practically possible. This could includes rides, fittings, consultations or however you and your coach decide to best use your time. Additional time is simply charged at the coach’s consultation rate, though most clients are able to accomplish what they need in the included time each month.

What are the differences between the program levels at Wenzel Coaching?

You can find a program and price comparison here. In short, as prices rise, so do the customization and consultation time as well as the coach level for each program. This is a relatively consistent pricing model for coaching companies, though Wenzel Coaching tends to offer a higher caliber of coaching at a lower pricing level at a national level than most other companies. This has been our hallmark since we started in 1994.

What should I consider when choosing a coach and training program?

There are many factors that can go into choosing a coach and training program. Among them:
What are your goals and event focus?
This is by far the most important consideration. If you have a realistic idea of what you want to accomplish in your cycling, most good coaches should be able to outline how they plan to bring you to that goal. Having solid reachable goals throughout will give you a better measurement of your progress. Whether your goal is to reach the next Olympics, hang in on the weekend group ride, or complete your first century ride, you will want a coach who is as committed in time and attitude to reaching your goals as you are.
What expectations do you have and how much time do you have to devote to racing and training?
How much time are you willing to give yourself to accomplish your goals? Where does your event fit into your life priorities including work, family, school and/or other commitments. In addition, how much time can you devote each week and roughly throughout the year to training and racing? Be sure to outline this for a coach when he or she makes your program. While it doesn’t do a rider any good to try and follow a program that they don’t have enough time for, a good coach can help you make the best use of the time you do have. Your coach should be willing to work with the time you have available to train and have an understanding of the time you have for recovery from training as well.
Does distance from your coach matter to you?
Even when a coach and client live on the same block, it’s likely that busy athlete schedules dictate that much of their contact time is by phone and email. However, if you are looking for one-on-one interaction such as skills training, it may be in your best interest to search for a coach who is as close to you in location as as possible. At Wenzel Coaching we offer programs that provide both local and long distance coaching. Our coaches are chosen partly for their quality in style of communication, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide high levels of coaching from any geographic distance. Check our coach profiles for locations of coaches.
What style of coach might best suite you?
If you are a rider who enjoys keeping track of the most minute data in your training, you may want to look for a coach who is more focused on scientific training and data. If you are someone who is more flexible in your training, who isn’t that interested in all the data and enjoys the game of cycling more than the science, you may want to seek a coach who reflects that. While you’ll find coaching companies based on these differences, even within Wenzel Coaching we offer coaches who are more focused on one aspect than the other. While we believe a combination of both scientific and experienced based training is ideal, each coach will lie somewhere along the spectrum of science and experience. When you are shopping for a coach, be sure to ask what each coach’s experience and education are and who their influences are.
What is your budget?
Coaching can be an expensive endeavor but it doesn’t have to be. Several price levels exist within most coaching companies out there, and Wenzel Coaching is no exception. Most coaches price their offerings on the time it will take to write and support each program. You may be able to find a local coach who can make you a custom program for an extremely low price, but keep in mind that it takes time to make good programs. Coaches who charge too much are usually priced out of the market. Coaches who charge too little are usually either under qualified or soon find out that they have overextended themselves for a price level they can’t maintain, and consequently the service level drops with the addition of each new client. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential coach how full their roster is. Find a fair price for both your budget and your coach’s time and expertise, and the relationship is likely to be more successful.

Does Wenzel Coaching sponsor clubs?

Absolutely. Wenzel Coaches may sponsor local clubs with discounted coaching. Club coaches may provide regular seminars, group rides and skill sessions along with significantly discounted programs for individuals of the sponsored club. See the Club Coaching page.

Does Wenzel Coaching sponsor any athletes?

We do offer a small number of partial coaching sponsorships for talented racers with limited financial means and extraordinary drive and focus. If you know a talented developing elite rider, triathlete or runner who you think may be in this category, have the athlete apply by writing to our Head Coach staff. The athlete should include an explanation of his or her goals and send a racing resume along with at least one recommendation from a professional athlete or local coach in your area.

Does Wenzel Coaching offer any discounts?

Athletes 65 or older receive 15% off regular prices starting the month after their 65th birthday.*
Teachers: Pre-K – 12 teachers receive 15% off regular prices for ongoing monthly training programs.*
US Military members and veterans: receive 50% off the one-time set-up fee. Applies to all active and veteran US Military clients. May be combined with qualifying monthly discounts.
First Responders: Athletes employed as first responders (including but not limited to EMTs, fire, and police) receive 50% off the one-time set-up fee. May be combined with qualifying monthly discounts.
Family or Training Partner Discount: Two or more people signing up together can take 5% off their monthly coaching program fees so long as at least two of them continue their programs.*
Multi-Month Payment Discounts: You can take $15 off your total bill by paying for three months of training plans at one time, $39 by paying for six months at one time or $96 by paying for 12 months at one time. (Smaller discounts apply if you are receiving other monthly discounts already.)
Multi-Hour Consultation Discounts (for consultation beyond time included in programs or for clients on consultation-only programs) 20% discount for 4 or more hours paid in advance. 25% discount for 8 or more hours paid in advance.
*Does not apply to sponsored club clients and may not be combined with other monthly discounts. May be combined with a qualifying set-up discount for military or first responder.