Wenzel Head Coach Todd Hunter talks to a group at a cyclocross clinicCycling and Triathlon Coach Job Opportunities

Are you a cycling or triathlon coach looking to increase your work with motivated cyclists and triathletes? Wenzel Coaching is currently seeking qualified endurance coaches around the US and Canada. Leadership, communication skills, racing experience, coaching experience and commitment, enthusiasm, integrity, responsiveness, and the gift of teaching are desired. Additional coach education and support will be provided. We are also occasionally looking for interns for marketing and computer work.

Wenzel Coach candidates are experienced in their athletic focus with a positive, motivating attitude and are in demand for their advice and attention. They are well-liked and respected in their athletic community. If you have ambitions of coaching with a company that is growing responsibly and you would like to learn from coaches who have been coaching top level athletes for many years, you may be right for joining the Wenzel Coaching group.

We realize that some coaches reside more on the experience end of the spectrum while others are on the education end. We are looking for a balance with strengths in particular event focuses. Coaches interested in coaching non-racers (beginning century riders, for instance) need not have a racing background.

Wenzel Coaching canopy tent at race

Here’s part of what Wenzel Coaching provides:

  •  Coach development mentoring by coaches with a long list of client accomplishments and competitive successes.
  •  Administrative support, including billing and bookkeeping.
  •  Business development mentoring by successful coach-business people.
  •  Some of the highest paid coach percentages by an organized training company.
  •  Marketing support.
  •  Credit Card/Check processing.
  •  The confidence that comes with delivering proven training plans for road, criterium, MTB, cyclocross, track, century, triathlon, endurance running events, and other specialty events.
  •  The prestige and implied authority that comes with working for a well-known and respected national coaching organization.
  •  A circle of coaching peers with which to compare, share, and question data and experiences.
  •  Liability and accident insurance for day-to-day coaching and program direction, and affordable accident and liability insurance for clinics and camps.
  •  Backup so your clients will have someone to call while you travel.
  •  Opportunities to coach at clinics and training camps.
  •  Guidance and curriculum to establish clinics and/or camps in your own area.
  •  Opportunities to write and contribute to articles in national level publications, websites, and books.
  •  Income potential limited only by your available time, motivation and follow-through.

These steps are necessary to begin the interview process:

  • Letter of Introduction
  • Work/Education Resume
  • Athletic Resume
  • Satisfaction of the below 10 Qualifications
  • Answers to provided sample coaching questions in your sport focus

linton-halpin-central-orgeon-500The 10 Qualifications of Successful Wenzel Coaches

  1. Racing or Participation Experience in Events to Be Coached: (minimum 5 years combined competitive experience)
  2. Ability to Think as a Coach.
  3. Communication and Responsiveness.
  4. Leadership Skills and Responsibility.
  5. Commitment to Coaching.
  6. Commitment to Client Stable Building.
  7. Openness to Adapt and Contribute to Our Programs and Philosophies.
  8. Coaching License or Other Certification (obtained or in process).
  9. Coaching Experience.
  10. Formal Education. 
  11. Coaching license or other certification.

(These qualifications have been abbreviated for the purposes of this page.) Qualifications 1-8 are mandatory. Those applicants satisfying the minimum requirements will be invited to start the interview process. Position availability will also depend on coach location, region and specialties. We reserve the right to take on or turn away any coach based on qualifications, interview process, references and reputation. Coaches will work directly with a Head Coach and will be responsible for working daily with athletes under their training direction. Wenzel Coaching has very little coach turnover and most coaches stay with the company for many years.

Wenzel Coaching provides affordable personal coaching to all levels of athletes. Road, mountain, track, cyclocross, century speed, multi-sport and general fitness specialties. Solid, proven training and customer service guaranteed.