Wenzel Coaching Policies

Privacy Policy

Wenzel Coaching respects your privacy. Your personal, contact, and financial information will be carefully protected. It will not be sold, traded or otherwise shared except as required by law.

Wenzel Coaching uses Google Analytics to measure our website traffic and page views. No personal information is recorded in this process.

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee of monthly program cost for new clients if you aren’t completely satisfied with your coaching experience within the first 30 days of training. If the program is cancelled after the first month but before the third month, the first three months will still be charged. The $75 program Setup Fee is non-refundable.

Payment policy

Wenzel Coaching accepts US checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Dwolla for all payments from US sources. International payments accepted by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal only. Three month commitment required at sign-up. Payments are required in advance of the upcoming month in order to receive programs on time. (For convenience, athletes paying by credit card can also choose to have their monthly coaching payment automatically charged to their card.) Cancellation possible at any time with a refund of unused payments (see Program Cancellation below for details). Fax charges apply for international program faxing.

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Pricing Guarantee

Updating soon.

Multi-Hour Consultation Discounts and Missed-Appointment Policies

20% discount for 4 or more hours paid in advance.
25% discount for 8 or more hours paid in advance.

Cancel before 48 hrs ahead of scheduled appointment: No charge.
Cancel with 1 – 48 hrs notice, first time no charge, then 50% charge
Missed appointment 50% charge

Rescheduling policy: Cancellation or missed appointment fees must be paid before rescheduling

Program Delivery

Programs will be delivered by email as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf format) unless otherwise requested. Programs are also available as iCal or Google Calendar files (.ics format). Programs can be mailed or faxed at no extra cost unless they are sent outside of North America. In that case a fax or mailing fee of up to $5 may be applied.

Program Cancellation

Your program can be cancelled at any time. Programs must be cancelled on or before the 22nd of the preceding month in order to not occur charges for the cancelled month. Programs cancelled after the program has been sent but before the start of the month will be charged the rate of half of a full program month. Programs cancelled after the first of the program month will be refunded up to half of the program cost depending on the program level and amount of consultation time used (if any) that month. (To officially cancel your program, email Billing@Wenzelcoaching.com or call 925-933-7306. Email and phone cancellations are official only with return confirmation from the main office.)

In case of Injury

Clients who have injuries or illnesses that keep them from training during a program month may have up to half of their program fees for the month refunded unless they have already reached their consultation limits for the month. Clients who are sick or injured are encouraged to stay on their current program level or switch their prepaid program fees into consultation time in order to utilize their coach’s advice during their downtime and rehabilitation.

Taking a Break

Wenzel Coaching Anti-Doping Policy

Wenzel Coaching deplores the use of banned substances. We do not advocate nor condone their use and refuse to do business with any athlete who uses banned substances or any coach who encourages their use. If a client tests positive we will immediately end the coaching relationship with no refund.

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