Wenzel Coaching Policies

Wenzel Coaching Covid-19 Safety Policy

Privacy Policy

Wenzel Coaching respects your privacy. Your personal, contact, and financial information will be carefully protected. It will not be sold, traded or otherwise shared except as required by law.

Wenzel Coaching uses Google Analytics to measure our website traffic and page views. No personal information is recorded in this process.


Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your coaching experience within the first 30 days of training we will refund your program fee. The $75 program Setup Fee is not refundable. If the program is cancelled after the first month but before the third month, the first three months will still be charged.


Payment policy

Wenzel Coaching accepts payments all major credit cards, PayPal, and US checks. Payments are due on the 20th of the month before the program month. Please pay early enough to allow your coach several days to develop your training plan. (You can request to have your credit card charged automatically each month to ensure that your program arrives on time.)

You will receive a statement each month whether or not you need to make a payment. It will show your prepaid months or the amount due to continue you plan.

* Mail checks to: Wenzel Coaching, 4726 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR 97215

*Dishonored checks will incur a $20 processing fee.

Payment Discounts

  • Athletes 65 or older receive 15% off regular prices starting the month after their 65th birthday.*
  • Teachers: Pre-K – 12 teachers receive 15% off regular prices for ongoing monthly training programs.*
  • US Military members and veterans: receive 50% off the one-time set-up fee. Applies to all active and veteran US Military clients. May be combined with other monthly discounts.
  • Family or Training Partner Discount: Two or more people signing up together can take 5% off their monthly coaching program fees so long as at least two of them continue their programs.*
  • Multi-Month Payment Discounts: You can take $15 off your total bill by paying for three months of training plans at one time, $39 by paying for six months at one time or $96 by paying for 12 months at one time. (Smaller discounts apply if you are receiving other monthly discounts already.)
  • Multi-Hour Consultation Discounts (for consultation beyond time included in programs or for clients on consultation-only programs)
    10% discount for 4 or more hours paid in advance.
    15% discount for 8 or more hours paid in advance.

*Does not apply to sponsored club clients and may not be combined with other discounts except for qualifying military discount


Pricing Guarantee

So long as you continue to receive training plans, your pricing won’t change for at least two years. After two years and at two year intervals after that we may, at our option, raise your rate to the then-current rate for new clients working with your coach and at your program level. You may of course discontinue if you do not agree to the new prices. If you choose to switch coaches within Wenzel Coaching at any point, you will receive the same pricing as other clients starting with your new coach at that time.

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Consultation Discounts and Missed-Appointment Policies

10% discount for 4 or more hours paid in advance.
15% discount for 8 or more hours paid in advance.

Lesson students may reschedule a lesson as many times as needed due to weather or any other reason so long they inform the coach at least 24 hours in advance each time.

If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice for any reason other than bad weather, only half the fee will be forfeited and the lesson student will need to pay that half again before scheduling the next lesson.

All lessons will end at the scheduled time even if the lesson student is late to start it. If the coach is late, the lesson will run for the full scheduled amount of time.

If the lesson student fails to show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time without contacting the coach, the entire lesson fee will be forfeited.


Program Delivery

Programs will be delivered by email as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf format) unless otherwise requested. Programs are also available as iCal or Google Calendar files (.ics format). Programs may be converted to Training Peaks, dependent on the coach. Ask your coach for details.


Program Cancellation

You can cancel your coaching program at any time after the initial three months by writing to Billing@wenzelcoaching.com or calling 925-933-7306. Cancelling your program before the current month plan is developed and sent to you entitles you to a refund of any unused program payments. Programs cancelled after your coach has built your plan will be partially refunded depending on the amount of consultation time used and the work your coach has done to write the program for that month.

Telling your coach does NOT cancel your program. Email and phone-message cancellations are official only with acknowledgment by the main office.

If you need to pause your program due to injury or illness, you can be credited for the unused portion of your program, with those funds to be applied to your coaching when you are able to resume training. See below for more information on injury and illness.


In Case of Injury or Illness

If you become sick or injured such that you cannot follow your training plan, you can take a break from your program but have your credit transferred to consultation so that you don’t have to give up the support of your coach. You can switch to a Consultation relationship during which you are charged only for time actually used. Your coach can help you through the recovery and rehabilitation process and help you decide when to return to full training.


Taking a Break

If you need to take a break from your program you can do so at any time. So long as you inform us before we send your program for the month, there will be no charge for taking a break. Out of fairness to your coach, once the program for the month has been developed and sent, up to 50% of the program fee can be credited, prorated according to how much of the month has gone by and how much consultation time has been used. If you have prepaid for program months when you take your break, we will hold the funds as a credit for you or set up a refund at your request. If you take a break of up to three months, you may return to a program at the pricing you would have paid had you not taken a break. If you take a break of more than three months but up to two years, you may restart you program with no new Set-Up Fee, but we may, at our option, adjust your cost to the current price for new clients. If you return after two years or more, current prices and a new Set-Up Fee will apply.


Wenzel Coaching Anti-Doping Policy

Wenzel Coaching deplores the use of banned substances. We do not advocate nor condone their use and refuse to do business with any athlete who uses banned substances or any coach who encourages their use. If a client tests positive we will immediately end the coaching relationship with no refund.