Month: October 2006

Simple Diet Tips for Cyclists and Endurance Athletes

If you are heavier than your ideal race weight, this is the time of year to do something about it. When you are racing or doing higher intensity training you need plenty of good quality food to support rapid recovery.

Physiology of Performance and Periodization

Physiology is the science of how the body works: How muscles contract; how the heart, lungs and blood vessels deliver oxygen and fuel to the body; how the energy in food is converted into muscle power; how training affects muscles

Aerobic Base Training: Do your homework

If it’s fall and you are preparing to race next Spring, it’s time to be working on your base. Quoting the old cliché, it is time to lay a big foundation for the harder training and racing in the months

Double Reality Check – Identifying a tactical race plan that suits both your talents and the course

There are as many potentially successful strategies for winning bike races as there are courses and categories. However, only a few strategies are likely to be successful in any given race. Strategies that work beautifully on one course or with

Light a Candle, or, Race the Race You’ve Entered

See if you can figure out the common factor in these five situations: Riders are stretched out single file on a wide straight road as the leader weaves back and forth, pedaling furiously, occasionally looking over his shoulder, and frantically

Quiz: Racing is the Best Training (underline the best answer and discuss)

a) Always b) Sometimes c) Never I’m sure you’ve heard or read that racing is the best training. What does that mean? Should you pile on race miles to the exclusion of all else? Is racing really the best training

Race Your Strengths

Each rider is more suited to particular aspects of racing and less suited to others. Some riders have tremendous speed for a short distance, some can ride all day at a good clip and some can climb away from a

Your Ride: Dynamic Bike Fit

The fit of the bike is essential to the performance of the rider. A properly chosen frame and properly fitted bike will allow you to ride the drops for many miles in comfort, corner with confidence and lay down the