Month: July 2007

Bike Racing: The Game

By the time you read this the Northern Hemisphere racing season will be in its waning months. Chances are that you’d still like to earn a few more upgrade points or attract attention from a bigger team and that you

Win or Go Blind Trying

You have to be tough to succeed as a bike racer. If you don’t like pain, this is not the sport for you. This doesn’t mean that bike racers deliberately seek pain, but simply that success frequently requires doing things

Beat the Heat

by Associate Coach Joe Cieszynski Anyone who has raced Superweek in Wisconsin knows firsthand how the heat and humidity of a typical Midwest summer can make any training session or race miserable, unproductive, or even downright life threatening. Like many

Relax, it’s not a big deal: Recovery behaviors

Latest Survey: Training Makes Riders Weaker! “The majority of bike racers surveyed say they come back from training rides and gym sessions weaker and more tired than when they leave, contradicting the popular perception that training makes one stronger. ‘At

The Skinny on Climbing

Racers don’t expect to win hilly races carrying bricks or riding 33-pound bikes. Extra pounds are a huge disadvantage. Unless a weighted-down rider’s talent or training is far superior to that of the competitors, he would be dropped on any

Quiz: Racing is the best training – or is it?

Underline the best answer and discuss: Racing is the best training: a) Always b) Sometimes c) Never I’m sure you’ve heard or read that racing is the best training. What does that mean? Should you pile on race miles to

Tactical Toolbox: The Attack

An attack is an acceleration initiated with the goal of getting a tactically significant gap. A well planned attack is often the tactical turning point of a race, but many attacks are ineffective: Some don’t result in a gap. Some