Month: August 2007

Take 5: The Annual Rest Period

Should riders take a break from training after one season before starting to train for the next? Most professional riders do. Some argue that anyone who doesn’t take a post-season break will more or less burst into flames and fall

Mental Training and Self-Talk

You spend hours training your body. You carefully plan what you will eat, what supplements to take and how you will fuel and hydrate – all to ensure optimal performance. You dial in your race bike, probably spend way too

Working Overtime – Minimizing stress is key to balancing racing and a full time job

(Originally published in Velonews Magazine in 2007) by Head Coach Kendra Wenzel Two racers follow a nearly identical, demanding training pattern. They have similar goals, racing schedules, talents and strengths, plus a common team. One is a full-time athlete; the

Nutrition Q &A: Protein Intake

Q: I read with interest your Diet Guidelines Handout. Your summary of daily intakes and so on makes a lot of sense.  I did have one question about your recommendation of 1/4 to 1/3 g protein per pound of body