Month: October 2007

Flexibility is Key to Performance

For most of us who hold down jobs and family commitments, stretching gets placed on the “to do” list that never seems to get done! Oftentimes it’s easy to put off stretching because the gains are relatively small, and long

Finding the Time to Train in Your Life

We all know that the lives of professional cyclists revolve around training. They get up in the morning, eat, rest, go for a ride, eat, rest and then go to bed. It sounds like the dream life, one in which

Shooting the Moon: Will You Be the Next Cycling Superhero? – The Importance of Setting Performance and Outcome Goals

Only one person will win the next Tour de France or U.S. Men’s Professional Road Race. No one knows who it is yet, but we do know some important things about him: He is a hard-working, goal oriented rider between