Month: September 2008

Conscious Training

Just as there’s power in training your body, there’s power in training your mind. Having clear intent for each and every ride in your training plan is an important part of becoming the rider you are aiming to be. You

Is Your Lifestyle Consistent with Your Goals? You Must Live Like a Racer to Ride Like a Racer

Bike racing is an extremely demanding and unforgiving sport. Unlike baseball, soccer or football in which half of the few dozen players in any given game will win, only one rider gets to take the top step on the podium

There’s no “We” in “Team”

Bike racing at the professional level is very much a team sport. While individuals get credit for winning races and tours, they cannot do so without the support of a strong team. Sometimes the support is obvious, such as when

Tactics 101 – Road Racing Strategy

by Brian Forbes For every action in the race by a competitor or teammate, there is always a choice of reactions by every other rider in the race. In the excitement of being in a racing pack, it is important