Month: December 2008

Healthy Rivalry versus Obsessive Rivalry: Where do You Draw the Line?

By Dr. Kathryn C. Wilder You may have a rival in your area whom you are focused on beating.  When you beat your rival you may be pumped up, even if you didn’t win the race. On the other hand,

Extreme Cold. What’s Your Limit?

By Coach MC Jenni T’was the week before Christmas and all through the castle Not a wheel was spinning, it seemed such a hassle The trainer sat all alone by the tv It’s so cold outside, “I’d freeze” thought the

Winter Base Training Q & A

This month rather than expound for several pages on a single topic, I’ll present short responses to some frequent questions in winter training. If you race you probably have thought of some of these yourself and applying these answers will

Riding at Night

By Associate Coach Jenni Gaertner Every year in November and December I mourn the waning daylight hours. Motivation gets harder to maintain when I find myself driving to work in the dark and returning home the same way. Unfortunately, the