Year: 2009

Sports Psychology Q & A: Fear of Slick Turns and Fear of Taking a Spill in Cyclocross

by KC Wilder PhD What a great question.  How does one get past the fear of taking a spill in a cyclocross (CX) race?  First of all, most novice and elite racers may experience a similar fear.  The key is

The Shoe, Pedal, Cleat Connection — A Circular Relationship

Over the course of human evolution the body’s made dramatic adaptations as we’ve evolved from creatures that rarely stood upright to ones who nearly always stand that way. Much of that adaptation is in the foot. Most of these changes

When You’re Feeling Low… Guidelines for Training While You’re Sick

While cyclists tend to think that their cycling makes them the fittest and healthiest people on Earth, they do still occasionally get sick or injured. Regular exercise does boost the immune system and make one more resistant to illness generally,

Sports Nutrition Coaching — What It’s Worth

by Heather D’Eliso Gordon RD, CSSD Consider for a moment all that it takes to be an athlete. Physical ability, mental capacity, motivation, commitment, drive, time demands, family-life balance, money, skill, a vision, not to mention blood, sweat and tears.

The Things We Do For Love – The Costs of Bike Racing

Forward thinking riders sometimes ask me about the costs of bike racing. I tick through the list: A racer needs a racing bike and an extra set of wheels. Then there are special foods, tires, tubes, pumps, shorts, shoes, socks,

Ride Clean – in the dirt

“Ride Clean” to most cyclists means staying drug free. While all athletes should stick to this sort of riding clean, there’s another kind of “ride clean” in ‘cross racing that truly is performance enhancing. The “ride clean” I’m talking about

How to Dial in Your CycloCross Ride

Cyclocross season is just around the corner and the time has come to dust off last year’s mud from your trusty ‘cross bike that’s been itching to be ridden. Let’s not waste time here; this article is about the bike

Joe Racer Vs. The Bad Guys

Many bike racers with the talent to be super heroes have terrible enemies in the peloton who repeatedly thwart their ambitions. In a bike race, the good guy doesn’t always win. If the good guy has to waste energy dealing

Nutrition Q & A: Getting real with pre-event meals

Question: “I understand that my pre-race meal should contain a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, but it’s difficult to find concrete examples to follow. What are some real food examples that I could eat before my race?”  Answer: Eating a

Nutrition Q &A: When is a calorie just a calorie? Gluten-free and other foods and their effects on ideal weight

by Raynelle Shelley My roommate and I are trying to bring our weight down. My strategy is to simply cut back on portions, though I haven’t really changed the makeup of what I eat. Although my roommate hasn’t really cut

Passion and Cycling: An Interview with Melissa Sanborn

By Dr KC Wilder, Sports Psychologist As a sport psychologist and researcher, I chose to interview racing cyclist and Wenzel Coach Melissa Sanborn of Vanderkitten Racing for this issue of the newsletter.  The article is simply a transcript with questions

Training Tips: Save Your Matches in a Criterium

Many riders are under the impression that successful criterium riding is all about repeated explosive accelerations. Nothing could be farther from the truth, at least if you want to win. In fact, the most successful crit racers minimize accelerations, doing

Don’t Hate Them For Winning

There are riders who never work at the front prior to the final few laps in a criterium, and yet consistently get on the podium. These riders are often not aerobically powerful. Some can’t time-trial their way out of a

Road Trip!!! It’s Stage Racing Time!

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Cycling fans are focused on the 21-day Tour de France while bike racers are heading to their own shorter stage races for sustained doses of suffering, and nearly guaranteed good times. Stage races can

Remotivating when you’ve fallen behind in your goals

By Patrick Wilder, LCSW Q: I was on a good pattern of training, eating and resting about a month ago, but work and personal pressures have knocked me off the wagon. It seems I’m on a downward spiral of frustration