Month: February 2009

Sports Psychology Q & A Returning to Confidence After a Major Crash

by KC Wilder, PhD Question: I had a pretty major crash in a criterium two years ago. I cracked my helmet in two and separated my left shoulder in the crash. I took a year off from cycling so that

Traveling with Bikes

by James Hibbard The time of year is fast approaching when many athletes will fly to their annual target events. When competing at a major event, it is critical to arrive not simply physically prepared, but also psychologically calm. Critical

From Couch to Podium: The Road to Fitness and Why It’s Not Too Late to Get Started

Bike racing is fun and exciting. Bike racers are generally happy, healthy people. They have things to do on weekends. They have goals that give meaning to their daily lives. This is all great for people who already race bikes

Training While Traveling for the Busy Business Person

by Mike Henderson How many times have you gotten to your hotel during a business trip, looking forward to a workout only to realize you didn’t have your clothes.  Or, maybe you had your clothes but it was late at