Month: July 2009

Nutrition Q &A: When is a calorie just a calorie? Gluten-free and other foods and their effects on ideal weight

by Raynelle Shelley My roommate and I are trying to bring our weight down. My strategy is to simply cut back on portions, though I haven’t really changed the makeup of what I eat. Although my roommate hasn’t really cut

Passion and Cycling: An Interview with Melissa Sanborn

By Dr KC Wilder, Sports Psychologist As a sport psychologist and researcher, I chose to interview racing cyclist and Wenzel Coach Melissa Sanborn of Vanderkitten Racing for this issue of the newsletter.  The article is simply a transcript with questions

Training Tips: Save Your Matches in a Criterium

Many riders are under the impression that successful criterium riding is all about repeated explosive accelerations. Nothing could be farther from the truth, at least if you want to win. In fact, the most successful crit racers minimize accelerations, doing

Don’t Hate Them For Winning

There are riders who never work at the front prior to the final few laps in a criterium, and yet consistently get on the podium. These riders are often not aerobically powerful. Some can’t time-trial their way out of a