Month: December 2009

Sports Psychology Q & A: Fear of Slick Turns and Fear of Taking a Spill in Cyclocross

by KC Wilder PhD What a great question.  How does one get past the fear of taking a spill in a cyclocross (CX) race?  First of all, most novice and elite racers may experience a similar fear.  The key is

The Shoe, Pedal, Cleat Connection — A Circular Relationship

Over the course of human evolution the body’s made dramatic adaptations as we’ve evolved from creatures that rarely stood upright to ones who nearly always stand that way. Much of that adaptation is in the foot. Most of these changes

When You’re Feeling Low… Guidelines for Training While You’re Sick

While cyclists tend to think that their cycling makes them the fittest and healthiest people on Earth, they do still occasionally get sick or injured. Regular exercise does boost the immune system and make one more resistant to illness generally,