Month: February 2010

Nutrition Q & A: In-Season Weight Loss

Q: I want to lose 10 pounds to improve my racing performance. Is that possible during my race season? A: This question is much more difficult to answer this time of year because most riders are in their pre-race or

Pressed for Time – Making the Most of Your Limited Winter Training Hours

With the amount of day light hours fading and economic pressure increased, work just seems like more work lately. Many athletes find themselves riding less and working to make the most out of it. When your training time is limited

Cornering on Dirt – Three steps to better cornering for mountain bike and cyclocross riders

By Coach Martin Baker With cyclocross and short-track mountain biking increasing in popularity, many riders new to off-road riding are entering races relatively unfamiliar with cornering on dirt, mud, and other slippery surfaces. (Snow and ice, anyone?) Some come from

Enhancing Recovery with Cryotherapy

By Nitish Nag The ice-bath recovery technique has been in the culture of performance sports for many years. Few up-and-coming racers use this technique, and many professional athletes that use this technique do not know the scientific efficacy of the

Don’t Overdo the Hills – The Value of Training on Flat Terrain

Many cyclists rightly observe that riding hills is more challenging than riding flats and then wrongly interpret that to mean they should ride hills on the majority of their rides. Riding hills can be a useful part of a road,

Sleep: The ultimate recovery tool and performance enhancer

By Anne Linton MD As an athlete you are always looking for ways to improve your performance and recovery so you can train harder and get faster. You have access to great coaching with training plans, nutrition secrets, and strength

The Power of Protein – The Power of Knowledge

Nutrition Spotlight by Heather D’Eliso Gordon, RD, CSSD It’s nothing new to athletes that protein is an important nutrient for training and recovery. Scientific studies abound about the benefits of protein in the diet. What’s missing for most athletes are