Month: July 2010

Should I Eat Gluten Free?

by Heather D’Eliso Gordon, CSSD Question: A teammate of mine was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. She has been eating a gluten-free diet for about a month and is riding much stronger during her training rides and races. Would you

Training Tip – Riding In the Heat

It’s getting to the hot time of year, which adds another tactical dimension to your training and racing. Since I’d like to see you all beating the competition, here’s the scoop on how to turn the heat into an advantage:

Dealing with End-of-Season Burnout, and How to Remedy It

By Head Coach Kendra Wenzel If you’ve been racing consistently since early spring, it’s very likely that you’re reaching some kind of burnout now, especially if you don’t have major late-season goals or don’t plan to race cyclocross this fall.