Month: October 2010

Improving Your Cyclocross Start

By  Anne Linton MD A cyclocross start requires an all out sprint to establish a good position that can impact the remainder of your race. You may have a great start and end up in the lead pack for the

How Much Recovery Is Enough In the Rest Period?

All Wenzel cycling and triathlon programs include annual extended recovery periods, usually about a month in length, though cross racers might break the month into two chunks, one before training for cross and one before training for road or MTB.

The Value of Self Belief

By Joe Landry As an athlete, your beliefs dictate your behavior and, consequently, your performance. When an athlete truly believes something, he or she tends to perform in a way that reflects that belief. Your capabilities are governed by beliefs

Tip: Choosing Your Exercise Drink

Research clearly shows that drinking fluids during extended exercise sessions improves performance, and that taking on calories during exercise enhances endurance in events lasting more than an hour. The research comparing different exercise drinks shows that if you like your