Month: November 2012

Post-Ride Recovery

Over the years, watching hundreds of athletes train, it’s become clear that for most, the limiter for performance is how much training they can handle. The upper limit is not based purely on how many hours they have available to

Is Your Bike Fit as Good as Your Bike?

You’ve dropped a few grand for your bike and another grand to upgrade the wheels and maybe a few hundred more for a “professional” fit so your bike is fast, right? Maybe and maybe not. How the bike fits the

Got Video?

Screen still of race video.

One of the major frustrations for coaches of bike racers is not being able to watch all our clients race. We tell them how to train and get their files or training logs back so we have a decent idea

Look! We’re blogging!

Though Wenzel Coaches constantly write articles for our website and other publications, we’ve been talking about getting a blog going for years. This time we’ve really done it. Check our blog frequently for updates and a current look at what’s