Month: March 2013

Four Fueling Plans for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes have four fueling regimens, each necessary for success and each appropriate for a certain time in the yearly and weekly training cycles. The Main Fueling plan, eaten on a daily basis in the off-season, and all the time

Self Massage as a Tool for Recovery

You have followed all the suggested post ride recovery procedures such as stretching, glycogen restoration, hydration, and more but your legs still feel tired and heavy post training. As a result of intense exercise, there is an accumulation of fluids

The Unwritten Rule – Why cheating must be punished

Professional bike racing is a big business where money considerations often trump athletic ones, but we fans maintain the fiction of the purity of sport. We get to believe that bike racing identifies riders who are somehow superior. A race

Q & A: Heart Rate Maximum and Threshold Testing Outside of a Lab

Question: I’m reading Bike Racing 101 by the Wenzels, and I don’t see an alternate method of calculating Max HR, and threshold HR besides a lab. Can you suggest something I can do without going to a lab? ~Erich Shofstall

Lactate Threshold Test

The lactate threshold heart rate is the central datum when setting up heart rate training zones. There’s no magic required to determine the LT heart rate though. Below you will find two different lactate threshold test instructions for measuring ventilatory or

Q & A Coach Forum: Training for Climbing in a Flat, Busy City

Question: I’m looking for some training advice regarding hill climbing. I live in Tokyo which has few decent size hills and I’m looking to go into a couple of 160 kms and 4,000m climbs over the northern hemisphere summer (June