Month: July 2013

Q & A Coach Forum – The Advantage of Float in a Pedal System

Question: What is the advantage/disadvantage (purpose) of “float” in SPD-SL cleats? Head Coach Scott Saifer responds: Knees are designed to work beautifully for tens or even hundreds of thousands of miles of cycling provided that they are treated with respect.

Could an Older Rider Win a Pro Race? The Effects of Aging on Cycling Performance

Most professional cyclists retire in their mid-30s, but all around the country there are guys in the later 30s and into their 40s and 50s who still compete with the 1/2/pro fields. Some of them occasionally show at the front

How to Corner in a Criterium

One of the most common issues for bike racers of all levels is how to corner fast in a criterium. While confident cornering takes practice at varied speeds on various types of corners, there are a few basic principles of

Q & A Coach Forum: Speeding the Healing on a Saddle Sore

Question: New (and badly made) cycling shorts combined with a 62.5 mile ride resulted in two nasty wounds along the crease (between the inner thigh and scrotum) on either side of the crotch. The PCP prescribed some betadine spray and