Month: February 2014

Peeing in the Peloton – Tips for when you have to “go” in a bike race

Having to pee during or around a bike race is one of those bothersome yet necessary tasks that likely won’t improve performance, but can ruin it if you don’t address it properly. One year at a popular opening season race in

Diet Soda Makes People Fat. Here’s Why.

Here’s an interesting bit of science. There are taste receptors that are sensitive to “sweet” substances in the intestine ( They are similar to the ones on your tongue. When the intestinal receptors interact with sugar in consumed foods, they

I Think I Can, I Know I Can – Using a Major Setback as Inspiration to Bounce Back

“I think I can, I know I can”      – a personal story and reflection of overcoming obstacles and being safe by Coach Kori Seehafer Some of the best educational experiences occur during major setbacks. The biggest lessons come