Month: August 2018

How to Avoid Dead Legs on Race Day Forever

“My legs felt like lead!” I told my dad. It didn’t make any sense at all. I had been training for a full year for the Junior National Cycling Championships. I hadn’t missed a single day of training and had

Opener & Tune-up Rides for Cycling

Opener/Tune-up rides are essential preparation for race days. There are many possible Opener/Tune-up exercises. Not everyone needs quite as much intensity as some athletes may. Either way, this method will provide an adequate challenge to prepare anyone: You will need

Coach Meredith Nielsen Talks the History of Women’s Road Racing in Northern California

Coach Meredith Nielsen isn’t just a great skills and beginning racing instructor, she’s also a wealth of information on getting started in women’s cycling in Northern California. She was interviewed by the Our Work Works podcast about beginning racing. Have