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Q & A Coach Forum – The Advantage of Float in a Pedal System

Question: What is the advantage/disadvantage (purpose) of “float” in SPD-SL cleats? Head Coach Scott Saifer responds: Knees are designed to work beautifully for tens or even hundreds of thousands of miles of cycling provided that they are treated with respect.

Bicycle Gear Chart

Often cyclists ask us how they can tell the true size of the gear on a bicycle. The size of a gear corresponds with how far the bicycle will roll with one complete revolution of the pedal. Keep in mind

Is Your Bike Fit as Good as Your Bike?

You’ve dropped a few grand for your bike and another grand to upgrade the wheels and maybe a few hundred more for a “professional” fit so your bike is fast, right? Maybe and maybe not. How the bike fits the

The Shoe, Pedal, Cleat Connection — A Circular Relationship

Over the course of human evolution the body’s made dramatic adaptations as we’ve evolved from creatures that rarely stood upright to ones who nearly always stand that way. Much of that adaptation is in the foot. Most of these changes

How to Dial in Your CycloCross Ride

Cyclocross season is just around the corner and the time has come to dust off last year’s mud from your trusty ‘cross bike that’s been itching to be ridden. Let’s not waste time here; this article is about the bike

The Power of a Good Bike Fit

by Earl Zimmermann During hard moments in a race, the cyclist experiences different levels of pain in those muscles that power the bike down the road.  This short-term discomfort is inevitable and will vary in intensity at different points during

Your Ride: Dynamic Bike Fit

The fit of the bike is essential to the performance of the rider. A properly chosen frame and properly fitted bike will allow you to ride the drops for many miles in comfort, corner with confidence and lay down the