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Will You Win Your Races or Your Training Rides? Control Your Competitive Drive!

Joe stomped hard as the light changed. It was supposed to be an easy day, but a few hundred yards ahead he spied prey, another rider. Accelerating, he dropped into an aero position, elbows deeply bent and knees in close

Eight Qualities of a Good Coach


A knowledgeable coach can be a great asset for any athlete, but in order for you to get the true value of the coaching relationship, your coach needs to be a good communicator and respect the client/coach business service relationship.

Ride Safer: Pretend You Are Invisible on Your Bike

With kids back at school and more people on the road, it’s a good time to recall this tested riding tip: We’ve all heard too many stories of bike-car collisions and near collisions. In the majority of those bike-car crash

The Elephant in the Room: Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is the elephant in the room when it comes to training plans. If you want to be a champion cyclist, your training hours need to roughly match those of your strongest competitors. It is possible to tweak training to

Blister Prevention for Runners

As your runs get longer, the chance of getting blisters goes up. Blisters happen when some part of your shoe or foot or sock rubs hard enough to tug on skin again and again until the top layer of skin

Keys to a Successful Training Program and Coach Relationship

Many factors will affect the effectiveness of your relationship with your coach and your success in reaching your fitness goals. While natural talent and the training itself play important roles in athletic success, many other details can impact how your

Four Fueling Plans for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes have four fueling regimens, each necessary for success and each appropriate for a certain time in the yearly and weekly training cycles. The Main Fueling plan, eaten on a daily basis in the off-season, and all the time

Lactate Threshold Test

The lactate threshold heart rate is the central datum when setting up heart rate training zones. There’s no magic required to determine the LT heart rate though. Below you will find two different lactate threshold test instructions for measuring ventilatory or

Q and A Coaching Forum

Wenzel Coaching offers responses to interesting questions submitted in the comment space below. We don’t promise to answer every question, but if the answer to your question is likely to be interesting or useful to a lot of people, we’ll

Got Video?

Screen still of race video.

One of the major frustrations for coaches of bike racers is not being able to watch all our clients race. We tell them how to train and get their files or training logs back so we have a decent idea

Why Get on a Team?

What would happen if Speedy, a professional racing star with a palmares full of podium finishes in classic races, somehow slept through recruitment season and ended up on a local, amateur team instead of a ProTour team? Speedy would not

Honing Your Victory Salute

It’s midway through your racing season and you are in top form. You are accelerating effortlessly through the downtown streets of your hometown criterium. Friends and family have come to watch and cheer you on. Coming out of the last

Training Tip – Riding In the Heat

It’s getting to the hot time of year, which adds another tactical dimension to your training and racing. Since I’d like to see you all beating the competition, here’s the scoop on how to turn the heat into an advantage:

Traveling with Bikes

by James Hibbard The time of year is fast approaching when many athletes will fly to their annual target events. When competing at a major event, it is critical to arrive not simply physically prepared, but also psychologically calm. Critical

Bike Racing: The Game

By the time you read this the Northern Hemisphere racing season will be in its waning months. Chances are that you’d still like to earn a few more upgrade points or attract attention from a bigger team and that you