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Ride Safer: Pretend You Are Invisible on Your Bike

With kids back at school and more people on the road, it’s a good time to recall this tested riding tip: We’ve all heard too many stories of bike-car collisions and near collisions. In the majority of those bike-car crash

Q & A Coach Forum: Training for Climbing in a Flat, Busy City

Question: I’m looking for some training advice regarding hill climbing. I live in Tokyo which has few decent size hills and I’m looking to go into a couple of 160 kms and 4,000m climbs over the northern hemisphere summer (June

Q & A Coaching Forum: Training on a Commute

Hello, I have been cycling seriously for a little over a year now. My racing goals focus mainly around triathlons (Olympic distance) but I would like to give straight cycling races a try. As a result of the time commitment