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The Basics of Cyclocross Training for Roadies and Mountain Bikers

Riders practice carrying their bikes over barriers during a cyclocross clinic

Of all cycling events, cyclocross has to be the most fun to train for. In addition to building fitness for a 40- to 60-minute effort, racers must prepare to ride short rolling hills and steep ascents and descents, negotiate off-camber

Optimal Cadence for Cyclocross Obstacles

Typical double chainring cyclocross set-up

Tips for choosing the right cadence within each portion of your cyclocross race Cyclocross courses demand a variety of pedaling styles because of the highly variable terrain. On a flat road, an ideal pedaling cadence would be between 90-105 rpms.

What It’s Like to Do Your First Cyclocross Race

Though we first posted this video earlier this year shortly after it premiered Outside Explorer, now is a great time to revisit it as many cyclists take that first step and consider entering their first cyclocross race! A cyclocross race

Learning to Race Cyclocross – A First Person Perspective

Though cyclocross racing may seem far off in the calendar from April, it will be upon us soon enough! As a beginner, taking that first step to learn cyclocross skills and try a race can seem daunting, but it doesn’t

5 Steps to Get Started in Cyclocross

Cyclocross (or ‘cross, or even just CX) has been around for over a hundred years, and it has long been a popular Fall and Winter sport in Europe.  Though cross has had loyal followers in the US for years, its

Time to Train for Cyclocross? The conflict between road and cross seasons

Cyclocross, which started as a way for road racers to have fun, add some variety to their training programs and avoid racing withdrawal in fall and winter has recently become a major sport in its own right. Where wrecking road

Pre-Riding a Cyclocross Course on Race Day

I like to arrive at the course early to watch one of the other races and do a pre-ride. Pay attention to the starting process. Are they doing call-ups? If not, make sure you arrive to the start line in

Cyclocross Tips: How to Ride in the Sand

By Coach Rhonda Morin and Coach Elaine Bothe Sandy areas are a way to add difficulty to a dry, flat cyclocross course that otherwise might not be very technical. It’s usually the place where all the spectators and photographers collect

Ride Clean – in the dirt

“Ride Clean” to most cyclists means staying drug free. While all athletes should stick to this sort of riding clean, there’s another kind of “ride clean” in ‘cross racing that truly is performance enhancing. The “ride clean” I’m talking about