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The Complete Pre-Race Checklist for a Competition-Ready Bicycle

A man checks the handlebar bolts where it meets the stem on the bicycle.

Races can be decided by a dropped chain. Just ask Andy Schleck after the 2010 Tour de France. Some folks are more excited about the mechanical aspect of bicycle racing than others, but the fact is that maintenance is part

Notes for the Gravel-Curious Cyclist

This year, admittedly bored with a Virginia/Maryland road racing calendar featuring a dozen races I had done at least a dozen times already, I decided to focus on a gravel grinder. The 72-mile Gravel Race Up Spruce Knob (GRUSK) over

Six Tips for Safer Solo Backcountry Mountain Biking

A rocky backcountry mountain bike trail.

Sometimes we have that elusive day off from all our responsibilities and a hankering to get away from it all with a ride on rarely used trails, but no buddy to play hooky with us. Riding alone in the backcountry

Choosing the Right Cycling Socks

Who doesn’t love cycling socks? We get them free with race entries, they make wonderful gifts, they let you wear your heart on your… ankle, and, they’re just plain fun. But seriously, what makes a good sock worth its weight

Strength Exercise Instruction: Seated Leg Press

Front view of an athlete doing the seated leg press exercise

The leg press in Wenzel Coaching lifting routines strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower body. Muscles that are activated include the gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. The lower reps and higher weight are intended to work on

How to Equip to Ride a Fat Bike in the Snow

A Wenzel Coaching fat bike rider enjoys a snowy trail.

Preparation is Key for Keeping it Fun in the Cold on a Snow Bike Baby, it’s cold outside; but I want to ride. Those of us living in environments where the earth is white for several months and the pavement

The Cutting Edge: When Cycling Technology Can Make a Difference in Winning Performance

Depending on your goals, you may enjoy riding bikes that are heavy and inexpensive or that were modern decades ago. If you want to win races, you need a bike that is close to the cutting edge. Being an early

Tips for Relieving Sore Hands on the Bicycle

Learning to Ride without Hand Pain It’s not unusual for a cyclist to experience sore hands from time to time. It may be the muscles of the palm, the complex and delicate bones of the wrist, or the nerves and

Bicycle Gear Chart

Often cyclists ask us how they can tell the true size of the gear on a bicycle. The size of a gear corresponds with how far the bicycle will roll with one complete revolution of the pedal. Keep in mind

Dressing for Cold Weather

By Associate Coach Ron Castia Dressing for cold weather racing is a balance between wearing enough clothing so that your energy is used for performance rather than warmth without overdressing and overheating. This requires some planning before race day. Here

The Barefoot Running Phenomenon

So what is with all this barefoot running? While I believe that we can thank Christopher McDougall and his book Born To Run as the reason for much of this latest craze over running un-shod, barefoot running is really not all

How to Dial in Your CycloCross Ride

Cyclocross season is just around the corner and the time has come to dust off last year’s mud from your trusty ‘cross bike that’s been itching to be ridden. Let’s not waste time here; this article is about the bike

Extreme Cold. What’s Your Limit?

By Coach MC Jenni T’was the week before Christmas and all through the castle Not a wheel was spinning, it seemed such a hassle The trainer sat all alone by the tv It’s so cold outside, “I’d freeze” thought the

Winter Base Training Q & A

This month rather than expound for several pages on a single topic, I’ll present short responses to some frequent questions in winter training. If you race you probably have thought of some of these yourself and applying these answers will

Riding at Night

By Associate Coach Jenni Gaertner Every year in November and December I mourn the waning daylight hours. Motivation gets harder to maintain when I find myself driving to work in the dark and returning home the same way. Unfortunately, the