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Surgery and Recovery Around Training – A Coach’s Experience and Analysis

Competitive cyclists are constantly making risk versus reward calculations. Often, these are momentary decisions that have immediate near-term consequences such as making a move in a race or choosing to eat or not eat before a workout. Other times, the

Returning from a Major Cycling Accident


On April 2nd of 2011, I was racing the criterium stage of a regional stage race in The Dalles, Oregon. It was a nighttime criterium, and I was feeling positive about my chances of achieving my goal of winning the

Gluteal Stretches for Hip Flexibility

Looking to add some effective stretches to your routine? Stretching the gluteal muscle complex allows for greater flexibility of the hip area, a common area of soreness and tightness for cyclist and runners. This progression of stretches is a fluid

I Think I Can, I Know I Can – Using a Major Setback as Inspiration to Bounce Back

“I think I can, I know I can”      – a personal story and reflection of overcoming obstacles and being safe by Coach Kori Seehafer Some of the best educational experiences occur during major setbacks. The biggest lessons come

Blister Prevention for Runners

As your runs get longer, the chance of getting blisters goes up. Blisters happen when some part of your shoe or foot or sock rubs hard enough to tug on skin again and again until the top layer of skin

Stretching: The Truth – It’s about flexibility, recovery and preventing injury

Updated for 2013 by Kendra Wenzel, with contributions by Jeremy Nelson. Because the gains from stretching aren’t always immediately obvious, it’s easy to put off stretching or forget it altogether. But before you put off reading this article, consider this:

Is Your Bike Fit as Good as Your Bike?

You’ve dropped a few grand for your bike and another grand to upgrade the wheels and maybe a few hundred more for a “professional” fit so your bike is fast, right? Maybe and maybe not. How the bike fits the

Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Win

The first few criteriums for a new racer are often a humbling or even terrifying experience. I remember speaking with the manager of a national level pro squad about goals for each of his riders in a downtown crit. One

Getting back to training after an injury

By Anne Linton MD When your hopes of strong results are challenged by an injury from a crash, a mis-use or unresolved muscle imbalances, you may fear losing the fitness you’ve gained through your training, or worry about performance at

Stretch for Success: Hamstring and Quadraceps Flexibility

Muscle groups behave reciprocally – that is, hamstrings (large muscles at the back of the thigh) and quadriceps (large muscles at the front of the thigh) exchange information about their activity. For example, when hams flex, a signal is sent

The Benefit of Yoga for Cyclists

by John O’Brien Years of yoga have convinced me of benefits of this 5000 year old practice.  The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit root “yuj” meaning “‘to yoke,” referencing the body-mind union.  The exercise associated with Hatha branch of

Back Pain – Is It About the Bike?

By Lee Shuemake We have all had those long or tough days on the bike when our body is telling us it would rather be sitting on the couch watching cycling videos. I’m not talking about the normal pain in

Restarting from zero – When coming back from injury, take it slow

Athletes often get sidelined in the early season, whether from overtraining, an overuse injury or a crash. Most miss a week or two, then get back in the game after a week of rebuilding. The unlucky ones — or the