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Q & A Coach Forum: Running with a Weighted Vest

“Hey guys, read your articles in ROAD Magazine… nice. I was wondering what you thought of running up stadium stairs with a weight vest on during the winter to build strength in lieu of weight lifting. I lifted for about

Q & A Coach Forum: Why Have I Stopped Making Progress on the Bike?

Hello, I have stopped making progress despite a regular and highly structured training program supervised by a very well regarded coach. At first (after the first 3-4 months) I made huge progress, now a year and a half later, I

Q & A Coach Forum – The Advantage of Float in a Pedal System

Question: What is the advantage/disadvantage (purpose) of “float” in SPD-SL cleats? Head Coach Scott Saifer responds: Knees are designed to work beautifully for tens or even hundreds of thousands of miles of cycling provided that they are treated with respect.

Q & A Coach Forum: Speeding the Healing on a Saddle Sore

Question: New (and badly made) cycling shorts combined with a 62.5 mile ride resulted in two nasty wounds along the crease (between the inner thigh and scrotum) on either side of the crotch. The PCP prescribed some betadine spray and

Q & A: Heart Rate Maximum and Threshold Testing Outside of a Lab

Question: I’m reading Bike Racing 101 by the Wenzels, and I don’t see an alternate method of calculating Max HR, and threshold HR besides a lab. Can you suggest something I can do without going to a lab? ~Erich Shofstall

Q & A Coach Forum: Training for Climbing in a Flat, Busy City

Question: I’m looking for some training advice regarding hill climbing. I live in Tokyo which has few decent size hills and I’m looking to go into a couple of 160 kms and 4,000m climbs over the northern hemisphere summer (June

Q & A Coaching Forum: Training on a Commute

Hello, I have been cycling seriously for a little over a year now. My racing goals focus mainly around triathlons (Olympic distance) but I would like to give straight cycling races a try. As a result of the time commitment

Q & A Coach Forum: Ask Your Training Question Here

Got an issue you can’t seem to resolve on your own? Wenzel Coaching offers responses to training, nutrition, strategy and mental skills questions submitted below. We don’t promise to answer every question, but if the answer to your question is