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Ironman Arizona 2017 Race Report

Coach Phil Timothee shares his experience of what it’s like to do an Ironman triathlon when the training goes right, all the way up to 10 days to go, when it takes a turn for the south…. race preparation /

How to Throw Your Bike

Wenzel Coaching client Micheal Frennet throws his bike across the line in a win at the Florida State Criterium Championships 2016

How to Execute a Bike Throw: Let the final pedal stroke lift your butt barely off the saddle if you are not already standing Drop the shoulders Straighten the arms forcefully Push the butt off the back of the saddle

How to Team Time Trial

Tips for making your team time trial a success, with 2015 US National Team Time Trial Gold Medalist Brianna Walle. Optimal performance in a team time trial requires attention to lots of details. Wenzel client and professional racer Brianna Walle

Bike Racing 102: Tactics to Win With

Each competitor starts a race with unique physiological abilities. Some people are better at sprinting or at climbing, while others ride better in the wind. Some are just plain stronger and better at everything, while others aren’t outstanding at anything

Seven Steps to Improve Time Trial Performance

brianna walle wenzel coaching athlete

How to Win a Time Trial — or at Least Set a PR! As a pure test of cycling athleticism, little compares with the time-trial. Every roadie will want to have a decent TT in their repertoire if they want

The Vocabulary of Road Racing: A glossary of tactics


Racing without a fundamental understanding of tactics is like going to a joust without a lance. You’re going to get skewered. In the absence of tactics, the strongest riders would win all bike races. Strategy and tactics are the tricks

Time to Train for Cyclocross? The conflict between road and cross seasons

Cyclocross, which started as a way for road racers to have fun, add some variety to their training programs and avoid racing withdrawal in fall and winter has recently become a major sport in its own right. Where wrecking road

Pre-Riding a Cyclocross Course on Race Day

I like to arrive at the course early to watch one of the other races and do a pre-ride. Pay attention to the starting process. Are they doing call-ups? If not, make sure you arrive to the start line in

Winning in the Heat – Tips for Racing in High Temperatures

In the spring and summer, internally generated heat limits training intensity and affects the outcomes of races. Only about one fifth of the energy released by a athlete’s body during cycling ends up as useful work, with the other four-fifths

Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Win

The first few criteriums for a new racer are often a humbling or even terrifying experience. I remember speaking with the manager of a national level pro squad about goals for each of his riders in a downtown crit. One

Winning – It Could Happen to You

Many riders enter races for which they are not suited. Skinny little climbers enter flat crits with huge fields. Big-muscled sprinters enter hilly road races. For the most part the results are as expected. One needs powerful legs to win

Improving Your Cyclocross Start

By  Anne Linton MD A cyclocross start requires an all out sprint to establish a good position that can impact the remainder of your race. You may have a great start and end up in the lead pack for the

Guidelines for Successful Pacelines

As a race breakaway starts to organize, it forms a group working together to succeed in their escape attempt. However, when not all the riders in the group are working smart and cohesively, the group will almost always fail or

The Good Teammate – How to Be Positive Part of a Team in Cycling

Cyclists mostly know at some level that bike racing is a team sport and that we need good teammates to help us win. Sometimes listening to the stories and complaints of club racers, though, I wonder if most riders know

Let’s Get Real: In season training and tactics

The racing season is here. Racers are hitting peak fitness and doing their best racing of the year. In some districts there are opportunities to race six or seven days per week including the track, mid-week TTs and twilight criteriums.