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Creative Cross-Training for Cyclists in Winter in Snow Country

cyclist on snow track in winter

A coach once told me, “You are not just a cyclist, you are an athlete, and fitness goes a long way.” Having come from skiing, I always liked that idea because it gave me an excuse to use skiing as

The Ugly Truth About Training Zones

Exercise physiology textbooks generally devote several chapters to the three energy systems that power muscle contractions and how the three systems interact to support various intensities and durations of exercise. They tell us that adenosine tri-phosphate or ATP is the

Will You Win Your Races or Your Training Rides? Control Your Competitive Drive!

Joe stomped hard as the light changed. It was supposed to be an easy day, but a few hundred yards ahead he spied prey, another rider. Accelerating, he dropped into an aero position, elbows deeply bent and knees in close

Winter Base Training Q & A

This month rather than expound for several pages on a single topic, I’ll present short responses to some frequent questions in winter training. If you race you probably have thought of some of these yourself and applying these answers will

A Case for Base

by Jonathan Puskas It’s January and you’re being dropped by your team on a weekend group ride while attempting to keep your heart rate under control. Your teammates begin to egg you on: “Can’t you pick it up?…You aren’t riding

Aerobic Base Training: Do your homework

If it’s fall and you are preparing to race next Spring, it’s time to be working on your base. Quoting the old cliché, it is time to lay a big foundation for the harder training and racing in the months