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Tips for Athletes for Surviving the Winter and S.A.D.

The dark days of winter are a tough time of the year to stay focused on fitness and nutrition. Holiday activities, end of the year work demands, lousy chilly and gloomy weather, and shorter, darker days all play into this.

Q & A: Heart Rate Maximum and Threshold Testing Outside of a Lab

Question: I’m reading Bike Racing 101 by the Wenzels, and I don’t see an alternate method of calculating Max HR, and threshold HR besides a lab. Can you suggest something I can do without going to a lab? ~Erich Shofstall

Look! We’re blogging!

Though Wenzel Coaches constantly write articles for our website and other publications, we’ve been talking about getting a blog going for years. This time we’ve really done it. Check our blog frequently for updates and a current look at what’s