Poker Face at Threshold

It’s certainly not necessary to be playing high-stakes at the card table to benefit from a poker face. The ability to mask one’s reactions from the competition is useful outside of gambling – in sport. We often hear about athletes

Creative Cross-Training for Cyclists in Winter in Snow Country

cyclist on snow track in winter

A coach once told me, “You are not just a cyclist, you are an athlete, and fitness goes a long way.” Having come from skiing, I always liked that idea because it gave me an excuse to use skiing as

Is Your Relationship with Food Undermining Your Athletic Goals?

Relationships with food are complex, particularly for athletes. Adequate and ideal nutrition for health, appearance, and performance can suffer when the focus primarily is on reaching a fixed “ideal” body weight. While a high power-to-weight ratio is essential for success

Athlete Perspective: Clara Honsinger’s First Trip to the CX World Championship

Watch Clara Honsinger take on the world’s best Under-23 racers in Valkenburg, Netherlands, TOMORROW, Saturday the 3rd! I had been up for 32 hours – only 30 if you count the two quick hours of sleep on the plane –

Adding a Triathlon or Running Event to Your Cycling Season

A female athlete runs through a triathlon transition zone.

By Liz Varner If you are primarily a cyclist, adding a triathlon, duathlon, running or other multisport event to your year is a great way to cross train, refresh a season or just try something a little different. Some coaches

How to Support an Athlete Who May Be Vulnerable to an Eating Disorder

A fit woman looks at herself in a gym mirror.

As coaches and friends of endurance athlete, we need to be aware of the ways in which discussions of weight-optimization can trigger eating disorders in vulnerable individuals. Weight loss can lead to improved performance in some athletes in some disciplines,

Staying Healthy in Winter

cyclists staying healthy in winter

Winter continues the cold and flu season. While fitness is associated with strong immune function, actual training and/or dieting can suppress our immune systems, giving opportunistic germs a better shot at both getting established and hanging around longer than they

2017 Holiday Eating Survival Guide for Athletes

When fitness goals are only one of your many priorities, social eating around the holidays can be a challenge to your ideal training and athletic body weight. Having well-defined, motivating goals can help avoid excess and junk food, but even with

Tips for Athletes for Surviving the Winter and S.A.D.

The dark days of winter are a tough time of the year to stay focused on fitness and nutrition. Holiday activities, end of the year work demands, lousy chilly and gloomy weather, and shorter, darker days all play into this.

Strength Exercise Instruction: Leg Curl

Leg Curl Exercise. Neutral start position, by Wenzel Coaching

Lying, Seated or Standing Leg Curl The leg curl that Wenzel Coaching includes in its lifting routine is intended to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower body. The primary muscles that are activated are the hamstrings. Secondary muscles

Wednesday Workout: Barreless Barre

Gym Class for People Who Don’t Like Gym Class This article is a part of Wenzel Coaching’s Wednesday Workout tips: I am not a gym person and am definitely not a group class person because I feel out of step

Ironman Arizona 2017 Race Report

Coach Phil Timothee shares his experience of what it’s like to do an Ironman triathlon when the training goes right, all the way up to 10 days to go, when it takes a turn for the south…. race preparation /

Speed vs PURE SPEED on the Bike

“Fast” is a vague term in cycling that means different things in different contexts. We might say that someone who can hold 29 mph for an hour is fast, or say the same thing of someone who can sprint to

The Five Disciplines of Triathlon – A Balanced Approach

Everyone knows about the three main disciplines of triathlon: Swimming, cycling and running. Diversity of activities and cross training multiply the benefits while dividing the risks. Swimming, a physical activity done weightless, reduces stress on the bones and joints, while

Six Tips for Safer Solo Backcountry Mountain Biking

A rocky backcountry mountain bike trail.

Sometimes we have that elusive day off from all our responsibilities and a hankering to get away from it all with a ride on rarely used trails, but no buddy to play hooky with us. Riding alone in the backcountry