Please Take COVID-19 Seriously [A Cyclist’s Personal Experience with the Corona Virus]

Please Take COVID-19 Seriously [A Cyclist’s Personal Experience with the Corona Virus]

A Wenzel Coaching client got back his positive COVID-19 test a few days ago. This is a strong, healthy 40-something guy who crushes the local club ride with regularity. He rides 10+ hours per week, lifts weights, stretches, and eats right — no weakling slouch. He’s given us permission to share his experience: Below he describes his experience:

“I received a positive test result for the virus today…. Some pertinent facts:

  • I returned from London on Friday (March) 6th.
  • Sunday 8th I woke up with a slight sinus discomfort but didn’t think much of it. With some Musinex D, it went away pretty fast and no other symptoms. I felt great all day.
  • I woke up Monday 9th and felt perfectly fine and rode 2 hours. Once home, I was contemplating going to work but, given the slight sinus issue Sunday, I thought I would be super overly cautious and just work from home. Felt great.
  • At 11am I developed a 100 degree fever that got to 101.5 by noon. I went down fast and felt like shit. Fought the fever until Wed morning. I was sweating profusely at night and crazy temperature fluctuations during the day. My temp varied from 95-101.8 for that period.
  • Wed I felt a little better and thought I broke the fever. Then my body just about gave out on me from exhaustion. I actually blacked out in my home and woke up on the floor. I was that destroyed by the virus.
  • I never experienced a severe cough or shortness of breath.
  • I went to the ER Wed morning and they treated me like Patient Zero for 6 hours in isolation. They did blood work, chest x-ray and EKG and all were perfectly good.
  • Sent me home after testing me for COVID and informing me that results would take at least 4 days and up to 2 weeks – yes, that’s what they said.
  • I had no energy Thursday or Friday – had to hold the hand rail in my house for stairs and almost fell over several times – that weak.
  • I woke up today and FINALLY felt like I was recovering – and got my test result at 2 this afternoon – 4 days later.

PL was quick to tell me the good news is I now have immunity! Thankfully my wife has been out of town the entire time.

The Alameda Department of Health called me today and told me I was under self-isolation INDEFINITELY. They will call me when I can go outside. Crazy journey.”

Stay safe. Follow directions from the health authorities. Our parents’, grandparents’ or great grandparents’  generation were called upon to go to war in 1941. All we have to do is sit on the couch. We’ve got this. 

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~The Coaches at Wenzel Coaching