Quadricep, Hamstring, and Calf Stretches for Cycling Performance

The Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Calves are the major muscle groups that directly power the pedals of a bicycle. When Quads and Hams are not in balance (one group is tighter than the other), a number of bio-mechanical problems can occur, including chronic back pain, changes in pelvic alignment affecting posture, and joint imbalance affecting Range of Motion (ROM). All of these problems affect comfort and performance on a bike. Stretching can mitigate tight Quads and Hamstrings and increase ROM, helping performance.

The following stretch handout offers suggestions for relieving tightness in the Quad, Ham and Calf areas. For a full-page view, click the yellow button.

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This stretching series was created by Coach John Hall and John A. Andrew DPT &Cert. MDT, CSCS with 18 years of experience in strength and conditioning. Andrew Physical Therapy, McMinnville, OR, 503-435-1900.

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