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    Adam Cathrall

    Coach / Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

    Adam Cathrall of Murrells Inlet, SC is a USA Cycling Level 3 Coach and NICA Level 3 coach who helps beginner and up-and-coming bike racers take their performance to the next level. He specializes in youth and first-time mountain bike and road racers who want to compete at the local level and progress from there. Adam’s background in sports science and mental resilience allows him to provide his clients with specific, tailored strategies to maximize potential and minimize injury and burnout.

    Adam is not one of those “do what I did” ex-athlete coaches. He has a masters in sports science and physical rehabilitation, and multiple fitness certifications. He draws on that education to individualize all his training advice. He is enthusiastic to work with injured or recovering athletes, working with many athletes on strength and conditioning in the weight room, as well as providing rehab and prehab as part of injury prevention programs. With almost 20 years in the US Army, Adam has attended the US Army Master Fitness Trainer School and Master Resilience Trainer School. This unique combination provides Adam’s clients a holistic training experience that develops toughness as well as competitiveness in the mind and body.

    Adam has been a NICA coach since 2019, developing young XC MTB racers. He knows how to communicate with younger racers and understands their unique challenges. He enjoys helping them to flourish and grow in the sport. In his time as head coach he has taken a brand new team to 8th in the state. He has also put many of his athletes on the podium and many mid-field and back-of-the-pack riders into top 10 positions.

    Adam has been riding bikes since he was five years old. To him, it was just about the joy of riding and what the kids did to get around and have fun. As a teen, he took up BMX dirt jumping, and has recently restored his childhood BMX from his parent’s attic. As an adult he took up mountain biking as an alternative to running due to an achilles tendon injury. That was the catalyst that eventually led him to coaching. He combined his formal education and passion for the sport and dove deep. Not only did he become a coach for NICA, but he also started working as a bike technician at a local shop. As a certified mechanic, Adam can work with riders on finding the best components based on the rider’s needs.

    Adam enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Heather. Over the years he has had multiple pets: dogs, cats, snakes, and goats, but currently just takes time to play with everyone else’s pets. He travels weekly for the next MTB adventure. When not on the bike, Adam does various martial arts, races cars, and picks up the guitar from time to time.

    Events: Endurance Mountain Biking, General Cycling Fitness, Gravel Grinders, Learn to Ride, Mountain Bike Racing, Road Racing

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, Dirt Skills, General Fitness, Junior Athletes, Return from Injury, Road Skills, Speed Century, Student Athletes, Working Athletes

    "I started mountain biking with Adam around three years ago. Before that, it had been a long time since I had been on a bike, so naturally I was nervous. Adam had me start out on some very basic trails before moving on to more challenging courses. He was patient with me overcoming my fears as he taught me to become a better rider through proper body mechanics and bike technicalities. In the past year, I have started road cycling with him as well. With his help, I have reached a new level of endurance that will allow me to reach my fitness goals." ~ H. Rosati

    "I have been a road cyclist for about ten years and just recently ventured into the world of mountain biking. Adam has been very helpful in my development as a mountain biker. Adam started me out on the basic bike handling skills and trail safety. He didn’t try overwhelm me with too much information, for which I’m thankful. It’s obvious that’s he’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about mountain biking and it comes out when he’s coaching. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who wants to start mountain biking because it’s important to have certain skills specific to mountain biking to fully enjoy the sport." ~D. Pierce

    "This guy has helped my son Daniel more then words can describe with his Mt bike riding. If anyone needs a awesome coach to help your kid with cross country training he's your guy. Reach out to Adam Cathrall." ~D. Lesko

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