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Carrie Cheadle

Expert / Petaluma, California

Carrie Cheadle lives in Petaluma, California and has been consulting with individuals, teams, and organizations since 2002. She has used mental skills training to help hundreds of athletes accomplish their goals by increasing confidence, sharpening focus, strengthening commitment, and improving performance under pressure.

Carrie holds a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and is an AASP (Association for Applied Sport Psychology) certified consultant. She works with all levels of athletes from recreational to elite and professionals competing at the national or international level. She specializes in working with cyclists and endurance athletes.

Carrie is energetic, fun, has a great sense of humor, and employs a real-life approach to working on the mental aspects of sport and performance. Carrie has her own personal commitment to a life full of adventure and fitness. Depending on the season, you might find her running or hiking a trail, riding her bike, kayaking, or planning her next snowboarding trip.

More competitive athletes and coaches are recognizing the powerful impact the mind has on performance. Physical skill alone is not enough to deal with the demands of athletic training and competition. Regular people are recognizing the importance of motivation and commitment to their success in adopting and sticking to an exercise program. An increasing number of people are utilizing Mental Skills Training (MST) of the sort that Carrie can help you with to improve their confidence and feel more in control of their performance. Carrie is available for individual consulting as well as Mental Skills Training clinics and team consulting. She does both in person coaching as well as remote coaching via phone and Skype.


Services: Mental Coaching

Specialties: Confidence Issues, Mental Skills, Pre-Event Anxiety, Pre-Event Focus

"In the looking confident/ post it notes drill, I cannot tell you how much it helped to realize everyone else is telling themselves the exact same thing I am on a bad day! The handout is good too - it forced me to not just hear what you said and move on, but to actually be able to carry the changes into the future by having concrete things to say to myself." - Professional Cyclist

"I would be willing to say that the majority of endurance athletes would agree that mental toughness is by far more difficult than physical toughness. Knowing how to shove those negative thoughts out of your brain and coming up with a detailed plan of how you will mentally deal with everything from preparing for a race to crossing that finish line. If you think that my comeback from my horrific crash was on my own, think again. Besides my friends and family, I blame two people for my comeback: my coach, and Carrie Cheadle." Category 2 Cyclist

"The entire workshop was fascinating. The breakdown of pre-race prep, control [and] out of control and stoplights all gave me some insight to how I approach situations and events." - Cycling Team Workshop Participant

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