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    Chris Rudesill

    Coach / Seattle, Washington

      Wenzel Coach Chris Rudesill at the top of a climb on a mountain bike

    Coach Chris is fully vaccinated and ready for in-person coaching.

    Are you wondering what it is like to ride a bike and considering trying it? Knowing it’s something you need to do but wondering how to get started? Coach Chris Rudesill wants you to know that ”it’s never too late to learn to ride a bicycle.” Some adults want to ride for their own exercise and enjoyment, so they can help their own kids learn, or so they can be green and bike commute. No matter your situation or history, you can still learn to ride. Even if you did not have an opportunity to learn when you were a child, or started learning but had a bad experience, Chris can help you discover the joys and freedom of bicycling at any age. If learning how to ride a bicycle is something you want to do, Coach Chris Rudesill wants to help.
    Coach Chris has been passionate about helping people learn and enjoy new sports, including bicycling, for more than 20 years. His approach is highly individualized. His philosophy is to create a safe place to learn, and then focus on your goals and needs in order to help you succeed.
    He also keeps the learning environment fun. When safety and fun come together, you will be able to learn and achieve your goals with minimal anxiety. Chris is patient and empathetic. From talking through a drill to holding you up or running alongside you, if one way of learning is not working for you, Chris will come up with another, supporting you until you are able to ride.
    Chris has been bicycling for most of his life. He loves being outdoors, so mountain biking is one of his great interests. What could be better than being on a bicycle and in the woods! He also enjoys skiing, mixed alpine climbing, and hiking. On his priority list next to enjoying these activities himself is sharing them with others. “I’ve had the privilege of teaching a very diverse range of people that include kids and people with disabilities, veterans, young people, older people, women and men, all from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Seeing someone leave a lesson with a smile and increased confidence is an incredibly good feeling for me.”
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    Events: Learn to Ride

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training

    Specialties: Beginning Riding, Dirt Skills

    “John is doing great and has had a great summer of bike riding thanks to you! Once you got him over the hump it was amazing how fast he was able to get comfortable. Going up hills, doing single track etc. you are a miracle worker, wish we had found you a couple years earlier :-).”
    Doug P.

    "Chris is incredibly dependable, thorough and fun to work with. He has a big toolbox of teaching tools and selects appropriate one for the individual he is coaching." ~ Molly Harringan

    "In my experience coaching with Chris, the traits that stand out the most for me are how personable he is, his compassion and focus on his clients. Not only is he good at identifying what needs to be tweaked to improve skills, he also is good at helping even the most hesitant, or those with ingrained habits, feel comfortable with trying new motions. He is also great at giving accurate feedback that both shows his passion for teaching the sport and personal connection with his client. Chris has a wide range of coaching experience, from beginners of all ages, to those that are more advanced looking to tune up their riding, to adaptive two-wheel, trike, and quad cycles." ~Sharon Gregg, Wenzel Coach

    "Chris is very much an auditory learner himself, but knows that most mountain bikers are visual or tactile learners. So he creates space in his lessons for demos and allowing individual participants to trial movements before providing feedback. Because of his coaching background, he’s able to deliver his biking knowledge through multiple explanations. This really benefits him as a coach when it comes to providing feedback and helping to meet people’s learning styles.” ~Alecia McConnell, Outdoors for All



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